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Quote: anne, yes, first food, put in in the baby book! i love my baby book, and my mom included the silly and odd. Fantastic! At least it was the instructions from the new sling we got! hehe I could still see the Korean print on it when it came out! We havn't actually started solids yet and I am not sure if I intend to for awhile. I am worried that with him, he may end up actually eating more food than getting milk just because of the kinda 'go...
and tell me if I am being silly about this worry or not! lol... (and when I say weaning - I mean, onto solids! lol)... We plan to do BLW. This worry wasn't a problem with DS because he got his milk via bottle (long horrible story) so 'controling' what he got was much easier but DS2 is very much a boobie baby. He feeds little and often so is there a lot because he also likes to suck for comfort. He is also a very different baby to DS1! He very much wants to be on...
Quote: Originally Posted by rhiOrion I had a good epidural experience, too. I honestly think that if I hadn't gotten it I would have gotten one later anyhow- when they were wheeling me for a c-section. I think it saved my vaginal birth. This is what I was hoping for. But it just never worked. It did not do what it was supposed to do. Nothing was numb.
lol - Hamish has eaten a piece of paper...I wasn't sure but it came out in his poo this morning so - yup! He ate some paper! Does that count as a first food?
Does that happen? And when concerning when to introduce solids (not yet here!) would you count that as 'ok' if they have all the signs but doesnt sit yet - but can crawl? Cause that looks the route we are going. It's probably a case of 'don't want to sit' rather than 'can't' cause hes always trying to go somewhere. Why sit when I can go go go he says! lmao
Quote: Question 1: Someone told me November babies should wear long-sleeved onsies. I received about 8 short sleeve, thin onsies and 5 short-sleeved thin t-shirts in size 0-3 months. What do I do with the short sleeved ones? I'm thinking they won't be warm enough to use until the spring/summer when the baby is probably too big for them. A lot of people I know put these under things - like an undershirt. Extra warmth! If you have an average sized...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dov'sMom Well, I don't know who invented it, but I do know who keeps giving it back to a baby who's been banging himself with it.... Just saying. I keep hoping he will have learned cause and effect by now lol
Depends on what people like/don't like and that will vary from person to person! lol Do you think your children are likable? I think people like my older DS because he is quiet and independent and can occupie himself for hours with simple things and is usually well behaved. His personality is one of being cautious and shy so he may not be likable to some people because of that. Some other boys I know his age don't find him likable because of this as they are more...
the baby rattle! These things are dangerous! I can't count how many times he has wacked himself in the head - bless his wee soul! lol He goes crazy over them now though but it often ends in tears! lol
IKEA toy kitchen! lol
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