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I will add that this is mostly because I struggle a lot with food issues (being restricted in my own childhood) and don't like currently being the size I am - don't want to get bigger and have no self control if it is in the house - so we don't buy the crap because I might eat it all! lol
We do this - we just don't buy the rubbish. If it isn't in our house - who is gonna eat it?
Just when I felt like I was finally catching up with the last thread.... lmao
How warm is the water? The best tip I was ever given before I had my first son was that if baby doens't like the bath - make the water hotter. He didn't like his first bath, so I made it hotter and he loved it since then! With DS2, I just went straight for hotter water (obviously not scalding or warm enough to make one faint! lol - but as pp above said, enough to make his skin go pink!)...and DS2 has never had a problem with the bath!
I would not have my baby stuck with a needle at all - so no I wouldn't bother with a test. The iron in your breastmilk is far more bioavailable (easily got and absorbed) than any crappy processed and 'fortified' foods.
OMG Jess - I just love that photo! How cute! I am so jealous of chunky babies! hehe...Whilst hamish is really LONG and still pretty high up there in weight...hes not very chunky! Oh well! My milk must be semi skimmed lol
I am so chuffed! - I found a Bumbo potty seat at an NCT sale today! Hamish loves it! - Here he is! http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n...xley/Bumbo.jpg I didn't actually expect to find one there! hehe I love lucky finds!!!
I saw this post and though 'Oh my DS does that!...'...then realised that this was my post! Good time! lol... I think I have concluded that it is a self soothing thing. Whilst he doens't sleep a whole lot - and sleeps more in smaller amounts, he doesn't tend to fight sleep. Hes quite happy at the boob or in the sling. But I also wonder if he did this in the womb because I remember feeling vibrating feelings in the womb and it feels very similar to what he feels like...
Can you make anyone be your friend? No - I don't think so. Can you learn to live with your differences and tolerate eachother? Yes of course! I think banking on your children being 'friends' is a mistake many parents make. If they turn out friends - fantastic! 'Siblings Without Rivalry' is a good book I find. I got a lot of what not to do from it as to avoid creating bad feelings between siblings, etc. It can only help!
Oh I want one of those hats! lol I am on the lookout for a winter hat for Hamish. Nothing so far is really 'it' for me...
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