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Despite already having a child. We don't have many clothes for the first handful of months. This is because money was super tight then and we just managed on very little as possible (my son also went straight into 3-6 month clothing due to his size...I am hoping this one is smaller and am having no sugar in hopes to encourage a more 'newborn' sized newborn! hehe). Its not so tight this time around and since I don't have to make do - I splashed out on ebay...oh...about a...
Beats per minute! lol... Thats what I calculated over and over again anyhow. I had to concentrate hard though...you really have to pay attention as it beats so fast! lol (and its not like its very loud and solid with a pinard! hehe) Still not as fast as my sons though who was nearer to 170 bpm on average. Perhaps its a girl hehe
Right...as of now...I have a list of things to do in March. I feel there really isn't any other month suitable to do it in as they are things id rather leave to the last minute...but not the actual last minute.... So here is my March to do list: 1). Buy some things. (I need tinctures like motherwort and angelica) 2). Clean behind fridge (cause its way messy back there and I know no one looks, but still! lol) 3). Get a window cleaner. (Ive been wanting to do...
Oh...my...GOD!...I am HUGE!!! What kinda growth happen in the last week!!! lmao
I don't think its stupid. If that is something you feel comfortable with (and we all know what its like when money is tight!) - then go with what you feel is right!
Out of interest...what temp should I have the birthing pool water? Is there a max? (there has to be right - don't want to boil baby! lol)...and/or do you just go with what feels right and good to you at the time?
DDC crashing! lol... I just wanted to say that my son was due the 16th and born on the 19th and I was born on the 13th! (I got nosey and wanted to see who was due around those dates hehe)...September is a very special month to us and I am wishing you all a very happy and healthy pregnancy!
Im not going with the ab thing. I might have been 'small' -ish to start with (though my body fat was 31% so technically could have still stood to lose some weight lol)...but im lazy and I had diastasis after my son. This is also not my first lol. The state of my ab muscles should have then given me a very flabby bump. I think my uterus just must be tilted more foward which would explain why I show so soon and why my bump is always so hard with pregnancy.
My son is the same. I have learned though, that my son is just very sensitive and he actually always has been. It gets pretty annoying and frustrating. I find it helps to write down how I feel when he cries (when I have a free moment of course!) so that I can also sort out my own feelings and remember to keep this seperate from the situation (I feel this is very important...getting angry, impatient, frustrated - at my son never helps! lol). (for example, I feel...
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