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heck - even my 'negative' symptoms I am grateful for! They remind me of the wonderful my body is doing and the wonderful little person I will soon meet! We have waited so long for this!
Oh...when it comes to body fat, it seems my body puts it on my bum and thighs. I hope this baby sucks the calories right out of me hehe
I always pictured myself being modest during birth... but someone I think once I am acutally in heavy labour, I won't really care about that lol... We are planning a home birth so I do plan on just my skin. For me...I would kinda hate to have my baby and bring them up to my chest for them to feel clothing. It just feels right to have them come onto me - my skin...bare breasts and all lol.
Lol yeah...I had them loads with DS. I was waiting for them this time. I got my first one a few nights ago. I found that its how I stretch. When I wake up in the morning - I stretch out. I got them all the time with DS when I stretched pointing my toes away from me. I read in a magazine, that to help prevent leg crap, point your toes upwards towards you instead. I don't find it as satisfying a stretch, but I stopped getting leg cramps then. I know the one I got...
Educating them - at least. You know, just giving them the option of being aware of what we are 'doing'. If that makes sense.
I find it fascinating how different all our bumps are. Some people are hardly showing at all whilst some of us look like theres more than one in there when we know clearly there really is just one in there! lol I kinda wish other people (as in the general non-pregnant population) were aware how much bumps vary though...I am getting tired of people thinking I am due soon - I am SO not that big! lol (you wait till I really am due soon! lol) I don't have many...
Have you tried dandelion root?
I got a tiny little one that was only 1.99 and I am loving it! I can not find it here on the internet...But, I have found a handful of similar ones. Look for 'one pot' cookbooks on Amazon!
If they actually would read it that is... Suggestions?
Cause - the nutritional info on these things isn't really helping me. We can make it simple and I can just ask what fills my life the most... How much protein in: And egg? Handful of nuts? Serving of cheese? A yoghurt (fat free and full fat)? Tablespoon of peanutbutter? 3 Tablespoons of yeast flakes? Any info would be helpful! hehe Thanks!
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