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We just tend to go to bed with wet hair. My son has very long fine hair - its beautiful as well. We don't cut it because he doesn't want it cut but I am glad he doesn't because I love it! hehe We don't have a bedtime and we don't have to be up at any time in the morning...but if he has a bath and gets his hair washed, it is usually right before we do head off to bed anyhow. Being so fine, it does dry quickly but it is still wet when we go to bed. I don't see much harm...
Yep - give me a few more weeks and I too will be there! I can not wait! - The final stretch! So happy and excited!!!
If she will put anything absorbant in her underwear, I have found the use of pantyliners or thin pands to work wonderfully for those little pees until they get the hang of it. In fact, I should market this idea to Pampers lmao.
I agree with emma as well - I don't see the OPs post as claiming that she has such a 'good' baby because she is doing everything she feels is right. In fact, I hate conclusions like that - because inadvertantly you could be saying that how we parent our children doesn't matter. Yes, all children are different and they all have different personalities and temperment. But how we parent then does matter or make a difference at all. So many of us strive to be the parents...
I got that all the time as well - what they meant was 'Your baby pleased me because they are quiet and not crying or fussing'. and it still makes me chuckle when people ask 'Is your baby good?'...What they really want to know is 'Have they comformed yet to mainstream standards such as sleeping through the night yet?'...and they ask it at like...birth! lol I mean - what are you supposed to say? 'No, my baby is horribly bad...antichrist this one!' ...lmao!
Birth! - Discipline means to teach, not to punish. Personally, we have never started 'punishments' and never plan to. My son was four in September. There is a lot to 'discipline' and the basics start from birth. There is so much more to things like a natural peaceful birth, co sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing, etc - than whats on the surface.
I think often times, when babies show an 'interest' in what you are eating - they are just being the social creatures they are. They are probably interested in just doing what you are doing - not necissarily after eating the food you are eating. (thats when they are toddlers and you cant seem to sit down to enjoy a single dish to yourself, you have to 'share' it with your child lmao) ... When babies are ready they can: Sit up unassisted. (any baby can sit up...
In the event of a crash - certainly you are all gonna die? lol
I turned out fantastic! I am optimistic, determined, a 'strong' person, etc. I did fantastic in school, I went to university, I love helping out where I can, etc. I was not only spanked - I was beat and sexually molested as a small child. Did my childhood make me who I am today? - You bet! I have no doubt my horrible childhood has made me a better person because I got the help I needed and don't want that cycle repeating itself - ever. But it does NOT make what...
Pro - Everything. No seriously. I love being pregnant. I love love love feeling this baby move about and knowing there is a living little soul growing inside of me. We have wanted this for so long! Con - Well I can only think of stuff that I can't do. Like...go on a trampoline! lol The children I nanny for have one of those GIANT ones and its so much fun!...guess thats a no go now lol.
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