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I would still use it because its a name that has been around for ages and is, what I consider 'common' ...maybe not as common as John or Adam, but its up there with 'normal' everyday name. Anyroad - it wouldn't make me think you saw the film and named your child after it! lol.... On the other hand - I really loved Aslan for my son and wanted to name him Aslan. And yeah, you know where that came from. Of course that did go straight out the window as soon as the film...
I have a one a day 'pro-natal' vitamin. I am also taking extra B vits and hemp seed oil (for the omegas and amino acids - cheapest vegetarian version! lol) Oh and spatone/floradix.
Being mostly an American site - I only ever just add that out of interest cause theres a bit of a difference between a handful of things compared to testing for 60-90+ things. The argument isnt really about whether or not they test for 4 things or 5 things. I am pregnant and I have a right to be slightly annoying! lol
I find my baby more active when im still and not doing anything! lol That film was long! hehe Great film though!...and I saw it in 3D too! Amazing!!! I want to only see films in 3D from now on! lmao
This will depend on every child. As a baby baby - sure! My son would have just slept the whole time! lmao... Now, no. He has a great attention span but isn't really interested in films/etc. So I personally will not bother until he is about 6 and understands that we have to sit there and be quiet, etc. I just saw a film in 3D - it was FAB! I really want his first film to be a 3D one too! hehe As for a 'play' - well his first will probably be a panto ...but...
Quote: Originally Posted by ivymae We did henna at my friend's blessingway yesterday, and instead of hiring someone to come do it, we bought a high-quality kit, and each took time to sit and add to the initial design on her hands, while telling her how she had touched our lives. We had a book of designs to look through, so we had the basic idea, and each of us just added to it as we went - the artists did the intricate work, and the rest of us added dots ...
Yes. I have as well lol. Its yummy - sweet. Like the milk left in the bowl after you eat your cereal hehe. I would happily drink someone elses BM as well. Not just any random stranger obviously. But I am not much of a milk drinker anyhow. I use it more in cooking. If you have it on tap - watch out! lmao
Mine came back at 6 weeks pp! lol I had four weeks of PP bleeding and then a week 'off' - and then my period! Joy of joys! lmao I wonder if it had to do with how my son nursed? He only woke once in the night for example (3AM every time - he was like clockwork that child of mine! lol). I am banking on this one waking every hour lmao. I would love for my period to not come back so soon this time around! lmao
I have been going back and forth with this one for a few years. At the moment, all I can say is that we will decide come the day. It is the heel prick test here - wish they did the urine one (as we do EC - not a problem! lmao). I think ill do everything I can on the day (baby nursing comfortably at breast, heel nice and warm with warm cloth, etc) to see how it goes but if my baby is distressed by it at any point, we stop. I remember getting DS done and it...
Okay...if you are finding 4 hard - did you find 3 hard or no? (our of interest...because I am LOVING 4 but found 3 to be the challenge you are all talking about! lol)
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