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what does af stand for?
Anyone know of a great homeopath in San Fran? i have a friend with Epstein Barr- in desperate need.
I have tried the brat and oatmeal and all else- it just seems a bad bug is going around and she is not tolering it. i will just concentrate on the bifidus. thanks guys
I have taken her to ped and done all in my power and still diarreah everytime my 14 mo eats or drinks anything at all. She is drinking rice milk now with added acidopholus, aloe juice, brown rice, and i have tried about 4 remedies so far, podophyllum, aresencia album, chamomilla. I just went and bout about 5 more to try. Anyone have any suggestions? She is not getting dehydrated as she is drinking wuite a lot and sleeping okay. Obviously it is a virus of sorts. ...
I went to my regular doctor again and he confirmed that i indeed have no cavities. what a joke. Please help me with some answers regarding holistic dentistry anyone????
I had the worst ever experience yesterday. i switched Dentist because of our insurance and when I went for my routine cleaning the new dentist said i had 6 cavities. Well, - of course i new that i did not since I had my xrays from only 6 months ago and there was nothing. _ So I called my old doctor (Whom I love but is very expensive) and he said I did not have any cavities. I was totally being taken advantage of and she knew it. But- six cavities she was trying to take...
I constantly wash my hands when I cook as well. Using recycled paper towels (although completely not environmentally sound) will cut down on some bacterial transmission as you discard them completely. I use a natural antibacterial soap (you can find at the health store). lemon will cut grease and disinfect many things with odor. In fact- my mom just told me that in the south, lemons are used to disolve fish bones if you are choking. At any health or natural store you...
When do you recommend starting teeth brushing? My dd 10 mos old has 6 teeth.
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