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We go to Dr. Amato and really like her.  My ds was fully vaxed til 12 month and then we haven't had any since and he's just turning 4.  I never did sit down and plan out a vax plan with her, I just declined the ones she offered.  She was okay with my decision but still told me about the possible consequences of my decision, but not in a preachy way.
Thanks, ladies. I ended up going to Hairy Elephant and they did a great job.
I have bought several bags of frozen organic veggies and fruits at Dierbergs. I think they have a pretty decent variety to choose from. I can't remember exactly what the brand is though, sorry.
PMing you.
I need some recommendations of people to cut my ds' hair (he's almost 4). When it was first cut, we went to one of those kids places and had a mediocre cut that and it was almost $20. After 3 trips there, I was done. I had my hairdresser do his hair a few times. It was much cheaper and convenient, I just didn't care for the way she cut it. The last time it was done I took him to JC Penney and the lady there did a good job, but it was almost $20 again. Maybe I'm...
Sending you an e-mail.
I completely agree with MsBlack, but realize that's a very stressful, difficult avenue to pursue. Have you looked at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri? They worked with me over a similar matter many years ago.
I was going to suggest the Stork Lady sale too. I've attended them in the past as a customer and was generally pleased. I'm going to give cosigning a try for the first time this upcoming sale. I have to admit that I've spent a lot of time organizing and tagging my clothes, but then again it's my first time doing it.
Greenwood Farms produces raw milk, and delivers to St. Louis. According to their website, it's $10/gallon.
I go to Dr. Mulligan and have been off-and-on for over 15 years. His office is located near the Gravois/270 interchange. He's phenomenal and not pushy at all. He's even going back to school to learn acupuncture. I highly recommend him. I'm not sure how much his office visits are though, as mine are covered by insurance. I recommend that you give his office a call and see if they can help you out.
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