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I remember being really happy when Pamela Anderson was so AP, too. She was totally into slinging, nursing and the like. You go, girls!
I nursed briefly off both breasts, then weaned my son off of my right breast and continued to nurse for almost 4 years on one side, my left. (Long story.) So I had an interesting little control group within my bra re: breast change. The verdict, for me, anyway, was that pregnancy didn't really change my right breast. But my left breast was much softer, the nipple looks different and is tons stretchier. More stretch marks in the left breast, too. So nursing...
Try www.schoolhousepress.com for some of Elizabeth Zimmermann's instructional videos. She was fantastic.
I am a big fan of toe-up socks. Having done both kinds of socks, I feel that toe ups seem to go faster for me than the traditional socks. I prefer using a short row toe and heel, especially since I hate the pointy toe look that plagues so many traditional socks. I also like getting the toe over with right away, and the short rows simply feel quicker to me. Check out Wendy Johnson's pattern on her blog wendyknits.net. I think it's featured in her free patterns...
In the class I'm going to teach, I think I'll pitch it as a wonderful gift idea, which it surely is. Knit 1 or 2 of them, get a cute little basket and add some bath soaps and gel picked up at a variety store. Voila, you have a great little gift. Or make a few and add a little antique bottle filled with scented dish soap, and it's a housewarming gift. It's such an inexpensive gift, too. Costs a heck of a lot less than a wool sweater, and it's a great beginner's...
Consider much thicker/chunkier yarn for a sweater for those guys with substantial chests. www.schoolhousepress.com has a wonderful yarn called Sheepsdown. At 2.5 stitches to the inch, you are only talking about much fewer stitches than worsted weight, which would be hellish. Plus, a big guy can pull off a bigger gauge. Alison
Sorry about the typo. I really AM tired!
Hey girls. Some of you are very dedicated dishcloth knitters, and I've been embarking on one to use as a class project for the knitting class I'll be teaching. Can anyone tell me why you love knitted dishcloths so much, besides getting to test out different patterns? I mean, that one's obvious, but do they really perform better than my typical sponges and scrubbies?
I would second others' recommendations to see a counselor, particularly one who has dealt with PTSD. It sounds as if you may be suffering from this condition. There are some excellent therapies, among them EMDR and Thought Reprocessing Therapy. Talk therapy is also useful. Is there a LLL group near you? At least these mamas would be sympathetic. Good luck to you, and have a wonderful pregnancy and birth. Alison
I have a question. When I've seen providers go by LMP, they immediately whip out their wheel and get the date. However, those wheels are based on a 28 day cycle, which tons of women don't conform to. (Heck, my homebirth midwife uses the wheel!) But I have 33 day cycles, so am not ovulating until at least 19 or 20. That could certainly affect dates. How do those of you who deal with restrictions on dates deal with that reality?
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