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Funny to see this old thread. I am now 39 and expecting out 12th baby in January.
I have had eight UC's and never took baby to the dr after birth. Birth cert depends on your state and usually there is a box to check if you want a ss card as well.
What helps our homeschool run well is a set morning routine.
Welcome Sam!
20 weeks. Half cooked baby!
I cannot recall the antibiotic I took, but I was retested and I was gbs free. I had a home water birth, my first and no issues with baby.
Long ago we had two, put extra eggs, we have chickens and milk, we have a milk cow. But now we have one, I prefer that as I would lose track of stuff with two.
Do you have any signs of a uti? Group b strep in urine is a serious risk in labor to baby and it should be addressed now in pregnancy. I am a HBer and UCer, I tested positive in my urine in my second pregnancy and was treated with antibiotics which eliminated the bacteria in my urine. I have sinc assumed I was positive and treated naturally at home prior to birth.
About 7.5, not counting this one. I am 4 months into this one. Gosh, nursing, forever. This is the first time since my third pregnancy I am not pregnant and nursing.
14 weeks, I am 17 weeks now.
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