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Quote: Originally Posted by Honey693 I know DEM's aren't legal in Iowa so if I get no replies to this post I understand, but feel free to PM. Does anyone have a DEM rec that will travel to CR? My midwife just lost her license for 6 months and considering I'm 30 weeks pregnant I'm kind of freaking out. Hospital birth is an option for us, either St. Luke's or Mercy in CR, but I had my heart set on a home birth. You can contact the...
fantastic news. I'll be sure to pass this on, I'm sure you'll get visitors from Iowa City where I live.
second the above. Plus have to add Kinderfarm. It is amazing. The preschool is on a farm with animals, orchard, pond, corn fields... The teachers do a wonderful job. There are many different scheduling options. Can't say enough good things, my son has blossomed there. http://www.kinderfarmpreschool.com/index.htm
Question. Is the Iowa City, Holistic Mom's Network still meeting? I looked at the HMN site and didn't find IC listed. Thanks.
MEET THE DOULAS Iowa City Doulas serve pregnant women in the Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty and surrounding area. We are a group of doulas committed to providing women in our community with prenatal, postpartum, labor and birth support. So, what is a doula anyway? Doulas are women trained to provide non-medical support to a pregnant woman and her partner prenatally, during labor and birth, and in the immediate postpartum period. VBAC? Epidural? Unmedicated?...
Some great Iowa City resources:: Kids Care Cooperative. A parent run state licensed playgroup: http://www.kidscarecoop.org/index.htm Iowa City Doulas- birth and postpartum doula cooperative: www.ICDoulas.com
[QUOTE=smokeylo;13931688]Lionness Mom: First, I am sure you could find a doula in the area who would attend your birth for free or a very low fee. Try emailing Jun-Nicole through Bamboo Birth (or you can email me at laurendoula@yahoo.com) and we can forward it to the area doula list. There are lots of doulas-in-training who are seeking births like this. QUOTE] Lioness Mom Have you found a care provider? Are you still interested in a doula? Please contact me...
Birth: Do you know your options? VBAC? Epidural? Unmedicated? Planned c-section? No matter what kind of birth you are hoping to have, this workshop will help you clarify your options and give you tools to work with your healthcare provider to make your birth the most satisfying that it can be. Find out what choices you have regarding your labor, delivery, and post-partum experiences. Learn about the benefits, risks, and alternatives to various procedures and how to...
: spreading the word. Let all your pg friends know. This is going to be a very informative and just fantastic event
Quote: Originally Posted by PatchChild drat, your link isn't working fixed it. thanks
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