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Anyone have any textbook/workbook/other book recommendations for homeschooling a 7th grader? We are Jewish so I don't want any religious recommendations unless they are Jewish based. But other ideas are welcomed specifically math, language arts and life science that avoids the creation/evolution theme. Thanks for any ideas!!!  
My daughter has been in a private religious school for the last 2 years. We are not happy and plan to homeschool her again. She is going into 7th grade. I think I'm going to need some curricula...I don't think I can teach from my head for 7th grade...lol. So how do I decide which to buy. I would prefer a completely secular curriculum or one that I can leave the religious stuff out of as we will do our religious teaching separately. I am not sure what type of science that...
I am Orthodox and dress as is custom. I started about 3 years ago and it has just become natural for me. I would feel naked in shorts or even pants and with my head uncovered. When my DH and I first discussed it about 8 yrs ago, I thought no way will I ever be orthodox and dress like that but it really has become just the way I am. Dressing modestly for me is elbows, knees, collarbone covered and my hair because I am married. I love dressing modestly...the only thing...
Good to know. Thanks so much!!!!
I am also an aspiring doula, lactation consultant, CBE, midwife asst. :) I plan to start next month. I am in the process of buying books now. I hope to be able to officially join this thread soon. Has anyone been certified through Birth Arts Intl?
i also got a pass on jury duty when dd was about 6 weeks old for BFing....I had my dr write me a note though.
Hi everyone!!! I thought I posted here way back when but apparently I didn't. I will try to keep up with this board but I forget to come back sometimes. What's everyone doing for Purim? any MM themes or costume themes? We haven't decided yet.
yay!!! I have an MDC tribe to join.
Do you do anything special for Rosh Chodesh? It is OUR holiday, so I was wondering what other women do to celebrate. This month we are having a womens drum circle . I am really looking forward to it. So...what about you?
my dh used to be very freaked out about the idea of HBA2C but he has since become and EMS and now wants to deliver our next baby lol
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