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Quote: Originally Posted by Sunnydrop To everyone else...Pie says hello, her head is swelling, and that she lusts for bubba in her heart I'm sure he (Bubba) lust for you too
Quote: Originally Posted by PM Hi Tripke. He's still in Japan, still working on the school. I think the last time I heard from him was about last December or so. Maybe I'll PM him and invite him to this thread. OMG it is you ParisMama? When did you change your name? Great to see your "face" here. Anyone remember Eddie something? I remember her story and often wonder how she is, if she is safe. PM thanks for the update on Alexander....
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeamamma I lurk a lot in Vax and Diapering. I like Edgy can't get into the new groove. This place is such a great resource. I mainly read nowadays. This was my first ever experience with AP....I was invited here by TripkeHughes...my very sweet and longtime friend. Smooch! Right back at you. This thread makes my heart warm. Even though I lerk, I don't lerk all that often. The feeling of being lost is...
Quote: Originally Posted by mama ganoush wow, it is old school day. from one of my favorite old school posters. and p.s., she is wicked cute. and she probably has no idea who i am, as i had a different name pre-crash as well. My dear come out of your shell. Do tell
Quote: Originally Posted by Chanley I miss the ultra liberal, no qualms, tell it like it is attitude. I really miss those ultra crunchy women who inspired me to be more, do more and love my life more. Now, I sometimes feel like we are just making excuses for those who choose NOT to be ultra crunchy and not to do better. I loved the *gasp* you are not collecting your own rain water to wash your hair kind of attitude. Cause it made me really think about...
Quote: Originally Posted by zipperump-a-zoomum And alexander, but I haven't been in the democratic schooling section lately, so he might still be here. I always think of him and wonder if he is still in Japan (?). How he is doing, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hilary Briss Why, I remember a time when Nursing Mother was mourning the fact that she couldn't vote for Bill Clinton a third time. Those were the days... : bwhahahah!!!
My neighbor, a sophmore in HS was arrested for molesting another neighbor boy (maybe 4th grade). The day the call went in, to police, the sophmore was taken away. Hasn't been home since. That was two 1/2 years ago. I don't know all the details of the abuse. However I do know both boys. The sophmore was of the mental age of a 9-11 YO. His mother is not much older mentally. I'm sure there was abuse in the home, not necessarily from the mother but from the other...
When I was younger, High School, it was the ONLY movie we owned. My step dad and brother would watch it over and over again, of course that was the flying scenes. BORING>
We are naked sleepers. Ds#1 is in a diaper. #2 is in diaper and jammies. Dh will sleep in the closes he wears that day if he is extra tired. He would however like to be naked. Didn't read the other posts. Hope that helps. I figure when my boys start showing signs of modesty, I will honor that.
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