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Okay, I'm in. Just bought my first. We will see how it goes and I'll report back. CAN'T WAIT!
Lena, I just saw an add for both the above said mag in the recent issue. You can still find them.
I think we live in a contry where my beliefs are allowed. I am always stuck by the comment, "Why don't you just leave." Why should I? Isn't that what living in America is all about? Personally I think it is valuable for me to speak into the "System" and make my thoughts known. We (dh and I) believe that we can change the system from within. Thank you very much, I'll stay here. PS Funny aside, how is this comment about leaving any different from the public...
Where oh where can I find the keeper? Is it reusable for a long duration?
Can't wait to find the Keeper. Where do you find it? Do you use it forever (or is it reusable or do I have to keep buying new ones)? Can't wait
guess what I am doing right now VERY EXCITING
I also live in the inner city (live/work/play and worship here) and I have seen many of the same things you speak about. Saddens my heart. I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "I can sell drugs or go into the military, that's the only way I can make money." Granted this is NOT THE TRUTH. But there are few of us out there trying to educate and lift our poorer/more deprived brothers and sisters up. Very sad. I would love them to see High School as a given not...
Thanks for the heads up Becca. I was mostly just polling information out there. I also was wondering how much child care costs for you and what part of the contry you are in.
zealsmom.... we are so on the same page. That was great. Sad but true in my heart. For those of you who do not agree, I don't mean to cause frustration in your heart. I just needed someone to talk to about these things who will recieve me. In my immediate group, we are out numbered and they don't often want to hear our opinions. Yours are welcome here to. Haveing said this... I don't ever what my children to grow up knowing war, regardless how it starts or why we are in...
In no way do I think they are the SAME, but I do think their actions have similar outcomes... dealth on a massive scale. I think it is sad to kill people... no matter what.
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