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My oldest is almost four. He is still in our bed and I was starting to feel like that was old. I love him with me but just feel like I need a break from laying down with him nightly. My dh is home most nights and puts the baby to sleep when I put #1 down. He isn't motivated by a new bed either. NOT AT ALL! I think moving them at the same time is the best choice for us too. Must wait until #2 is old enought to go. He of course would probably be fine. Wish I had more...
We are: wall, ds #1 (3 1/2), me, ds #2 (12 mo), dh. I'm between the two because they both want me. my oldest doesn't want much of dh at night so I'm close to him. I want dh's help with #2 so that is why our arangement is he way it is. I'm currently dreaming of a smaller bed for two. Not going to happen anytime soon.
thank you
I've always wondered what ExPat was short for, stood for. Anyone know where this term came from?
robynberkley I remember you. I always thought you were so nice and sweet. Glad to see you again.
As heartmama said, there is a difference between AP and good parent. They can mean the same thing but at the same time, a person can be ap and a bad parent and vis versa. Does anyone have a definition of AP? Does mothering have a definition on the site?
Quote: Originally Posted by heartmama To answer the op~people are going to do what they feel is right. For me, personally, it was never right for ds to cry alone. I'm in agreement. I don't think any of you are pure evil, but I am surprised that so many parents here believe it is okay for their children to CIO. Isn't this an attachment parenting board? My issues with CIO come from personal experience. In leaving a very hard relationship with...
Have you ever traveled with Servas? Their web site is www.servas.org I traveled for four months and stayed in host families most of the time. Definately the best thing we did. Here is a quote from their site telling us what they are all about... "With every true friendship we build more firmly the foundations on which the peace of the whole world rests. " Mahatma Gandhi SERVAS is ... ... an international, non-governmental organization. ... based on...
To be truely off the grid, smaller is better. But having said that, you can easily live in it with a few kids. The rooms are roomy. The bathrooms were awesome. It is all creative and you can make it exactly like you want it to be. They sell basic designs, but it is all customized. Mainly there is one large multipupose room, a bathroom, kitchen and at least one bedroom if not two. I thought we coud do it, but we have a smaller size house (around 1000 sf). It was in Taos,...
Great posts. Thanks for sharing everyone.
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