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what is washing soda and where can I find it? I have been waiting to try this out. Thank you.
My ds is much younger but has had constipation too. I was so worried with the boards down and tried what the Dr. suggested. We gave him 1/2 prune juice and 1/2 water. We did this with a seringe while I was bf. This is difficult if you try it alone, but with dh it was much easier. I just feed him like normal and dh inserted the seringe to the side of his mouth. Because he was bf he didn't seem to mind to much. We only gave a little (less than an ounce, maybe even less than...
You don't know me but I have seen your name many times. Welcome back to America. May I ask what your husband does outside the home for work? Sounds exciting. Where are you living now and where was your favorite place you lived?
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