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We visited when we were in NM. They were awesome... with out a doubt.
Okay, beyond the money we would make from selling EVERYTHING we own, I can't imagine how to finance a trip like this. Any suggestions? Do you work as you travel? If so what do you do for work, where did you find it?
I am all about this. But I have big questions... What are the tax remifications for selling a home and not reinvesting the $ into antoher one? I heard 30% taxed. Can this be true? What about a car? Would you get an RV, a conversion van, small RV or a car and stay in hotels? We thought about getting a small (very small, more like a van with cooking capibliites, maybe a toilet/shower stall) and camping our way around N and maybe S America. Do you want to do...
I wasn't a vegetarian with my first child. We have been TTC and thus I am trying to think ahead. Does anyone have any good books for me to read? I'm worried that I need to alter my diet a little bit for this next preg. Suggestions?
Soon we will start to interview midwives and I was wondering what questions you asked? Our next baby will be our first homebirth and I'm not sure where to start. We have a few friends who have had homebirths and I plan on starting with them. Asking who they used, did the like them, you know the basics. But beyond that, isn't there bigger questions I'm suposed to ask (like transfer rates?). I'm drawing a blank. Can you assist me please? What did you do?
I went in for a nose pierce today... they said no, as long as I'm bf. Why, I ask. Because if the nose get's infected it will go directly to the child. Have you heard of such a thing? I haven't. Isn't that like saying that a cold will go to the child via nursing? Or if I have an infection from a cut on my finger my son will get it from my milk. Sounds so strange to me. Has anyone heard of this?
I have a good friend who is looking for "natural" childbirth books. Suggestions please? I think she was looking for something called Birthing From Within? Any others?
I loved these books. Dh and i read them both together. Yes, i also want to pass them out to my friends.
BensMom... my ds is 15 mo and just now really gets some good signing. We have been signing to him since he was about 9 mo and he is just now really signing. We use the ASL for Milk, all gone, what..., please (use this one for help please too, much easier than "help" for him) and I'm trying to do more... What should we try next? What are your children signing now?
I'm trying to use KaZaA to download movies and TV shows (we don't own a TV but like to watch an occassional show every couple of weeks or so). What are your favorite shows? Not all are out there or there aren't any up todate shows but I'd like to hear your list of favorites.
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