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I'm also a long time user and love the boards. I'll support where I can but can I also ask a question? Why does it cost $20,000 to run this site? Is that for the hardware behind the scenes? I thought that vbulleten was like $150. This question is not ment to cause a ruckus, I was just curious.
Okay, fess up, who saw it, what did you think? I saw it and LOVED it but then again I am always liking movies like this. My dh and I have both been talking about it for two days. I'd love to hear your thoughts too.
I wish I had more for you... but it seems that the girl has some experience with this. Could this be the case? At worst, could she have been molested? I don't mean to offend, sorry if I crossed the line but I do think that a 5yo and sexual behaivor with another is not as normal as for 10 yo. KWIM? Maybe just have them at your house for the next few weeks. Keep an eye on them. Listen to what they talk about. Obtain as much knowlege as you possibly can.
Great.... I'm so going to buy one now.
okay, what about cockroaches? HATE them.
good one smeta
I have a blankie, and I feel guilty about taking ds paci away... he uses it at night time only. I use my blankie all day. How mature I know.
thank you both. I'll look into what you have suggested. YOU ROCK.
We have lived here in this house for over two years and rarely, if ever, see bugs. Tonight we saw a cockroach, HUGE, like 2 incher. IKKY. What do we do? In the past I would spray the house but now I don't want chemicals. HELP us please.
Oh please, I'm a wannabe vegan and a failure at that. what am i missing? It seems that it isn't all that hard to cook vegan, but what I really think the problem is that I'm uneducated on the issue of what is really in the food anyway. Taking meat out is fairly okay, it only gets tricky when they have secret sauce that has secret meat stuff in it and don't tell you straight out. Sheesh! Here I was thinking I was all good at being a vegetarian because I could tell if there...
New Posts  All Forums: