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just saw it tonight and we both laughed out loud the entire time. Definately a MUST SEE.
Yammer, honest refelction. Now that you mention it... it got me thinking too. Wonder how many men it effected in the same way?
I had GSB with our first, but wasn't tested for it. Ds was born, struggled to breath and was transfered to the hospital. He was in the hospital for two weeks with phnemonia (spelling?). I would like to do hb with our next but worry about GSB. Anyone have experience with this?
We read books together. Had to put this one down because the begining was so damn depressing. Did anyone "try" to read the book but have to put it down? Last week, I rented the movie. It appers to lighten up. Maybe I should read the book again. The movie was good, okay, but still didn't "do" it for me. KWIM?
OMG... dh and I both sat there staring at the screen/blank faces/thinking what just happened. "Was that the movie?" Didn't like it, very strange... just didn't like it. KWIM? Anyone else left dumbfounded?
indiegirl what happened? Can you share?
Dh and I had a doula at our ds birth. We birthed at a birthing center (ds was transfered to hospital and doula came to visit). She was our Bradley Instructor so she already knew us well. She came to visit us at least once before the birth so she knew where we lived, how to easily get there, etc. She also spent about one hour writing down what we were looking for in the birth. For us, we wanted her to be support to dh. He wanted to be my primary care giver and she...
We live two blocks from the largest Cacasian/Indian Sikh Ashram (Temple). Oh my word, you wouldn't believe the smell of the food coming from there. We love Indian food and luckily there are a few good rest. here in town. Dh and I try and make it sometimes, even buy the spices/ingredience from their markets, but it never comes out like the rest. Good luck.
no reason really (besides the fact that I LOVE my CNM right now and would love for her to deliver my next too), just curious. KWIM? Sounded so strange.
I think you are the parents and you should deal with your children first and then you also have the right to make rules for them. Have you discussed it with your children? Maybe make a rule up with them? Whatever you do, it is UP TO YOU. Now on a side note, have you thought about giving up soda all together. It is AWFUL for your body (let's not talk about acid) and maybe it would help your children see it as solidarity?
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