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Okay, I live in AZ. Thinking about homebirth but was told that only lay midwifes can deliver at home (LEGALLY). CNM can ONLY deliver in hospitals/BC. Have you heard of this? Why is this the law?
Treelove, what is a classical ces.
we do not have one and will never get one... i truly become another person when there is a tv around (at my parents, for instance). i become inattentive to my dw and ds... it is really bizarre. i am not sure if i miss it so much that i am satiating my appetite or if i am simply giving into the easiness of being entertained... who knows? nonetheless, for myself, a tv would be a detriment to our relationship. so i say "no way and never"... edited to say that...
Okay, I'm with the rest. We both don't really like everything about our church but we both definately feel called to stay. The sermons feel more like my old Young Life club messages than "real teaching" (not that they aren't biblical, but they are missing something in my opinion). Because we are new and our church focuses on the Inner City, needy, and children from the neighborhood, we have more who need than those who can give back. As a result there isn't much as far...
I can just add another thought... In our house, I also have a sitter come into the home while I am there working. She is older (college age) but I don't think it really matters, as far as price goes, in our opinion. She helps me out by playing with ds, cleaning our toys up, sweeping and mopping the floor (although I appreciate her help, she isn't all that good or motivated). I say all that because we choose to pay at least $7/hour. I would pay as much as $10/hour for...
I can't vote... love them all and can't choose.
well said wannabeamama. I agree.
gauge14iv great sugestions. This is a great thread. I am not preg but I am thinking about it. I have always had bad experiences with Insurance Co but now I'm ready for a fight. They better not mess with me... loosers. Has anyone had any experince with Cigna?
BRADLEY was awesome! I even want to take a second one with our next baby.
I'm with Greaseball, mine was messy at the end. No biggie during the delivery but I pumped a ton of blood out in the end... WOW! Oh and the vomit, that was in a bucket or something like that. Having said that, it was really no big deal. The birthing center had it all cleaned in moments.
New Posts  All Forums: