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How does one go about fighting with an insurance co. They seem so daunting. Has anyone ever heard that only lay midwifes can deliver at home and CNM can ONLY deliver in hospitals/birth centers?
good for you smeta! Enjoy the windsurfing, I've never done it so you can do it as if you are doing it for me. Give your dh and dd a big group hug from us. We have been hiking lately (took about two weeks off and I could tell how much I missed it, KWIM?), today we went with my friend Malissa you met. It was nice. We both brought dh and they had fun too. Can't wait to see you guys again.
thank you all for your advise. Dh and I are still just starting to talk about it. I'll fill you in on any juicy details as soon as I have any. Thanks again.
What was it like for you when you went from one to two? I'm thinking about TTC (although dh isn't convinced yet) and I am looking for your memories, thoughts recomendations. Tell me your stories. How much time was between them. Was it harder/easier than you thought. You know, all the details. At this point ds is still young, 10 mo. I can't imagine what I would do with two when it is time to change diapers, naps, feeding, bathing. Suggestions? Funny stories are also...
I'll second that... My dh and I always feel over our heads and there are two of us getting the work done. If I were alone I am sure I would live in a pig stye (spelling was never my strong point). You go laides.
I am right there with you. One of my "best friends" and I are in this situation. Although, I think I am the only one who feels the growing pains. Sometimes I even wonder how we were ever friends, we are so different now. Do we still have anything in common. Well yes, but not much. Really I personally don't think this is the only reason for me pulling away. In our case, I have been wounded by her so many times that I really don't like her very much. Will it change? I don't...
I'm reading: Diet for a Small Planet Hopes Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Plant (okay, I know but they are both so good) Fast Food Nation (can you see a patern here?) Night Time Parenting by Sears we just finished two books by Anne Lamott. She is FAB*YOU*LOSS. Traveling Mercies and Operating Instructions. I highly suggest both.
Maybe I'll rent it. Is it sad, happy, deep, what?
Am I the only person who couldn't get past the first couple of chapters. Talk about depressing. Maybe I was not in the place to handle a depressing book.
That was a wonderful message. Thank you for all your answers. I will copy it for my records too.
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