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we don't have a TV either.
To begin with, we are two adults and one 9 mo (who eats very little besides organic veggies). I am now a vegetarian and don't buy any meat. We shop at Trader Joes and the local farmers market every week. My bill is normally around $45 a week. This gives me mostly all organic and soy products. I am also recentlya vegan (or at least making a HUGE stab at it... seems my ds is now lacto-intollerant... a bummer for the ice cream lover in me). In the past I could spend $10 a...
You feel it when it is in? I don't. Maybe that's why I leak a little. Hmm!
good question... but I don't know. Good luck.
We are thinking of the same thing at our house. We want to build a flower bed in the front of our house and a few other Organic Veg. garden in the back yard. So far we just have dirt (hard AZ dirt) and weeds. Funny how weeds grow in anything.
I have the keeper and experience some slight "leakage". For the life of me, I always try to place it correctly and am always "sure" I have it in right, but eventually during the day I get slight leakage. Still, having said that, I am LOVEING the Keeper. My next perchase will be for cotton/natural pads. Love the thread.
I have the keeper and am still getting used to it. Every time it gets better. No matter, it still beats tampons and pads... hands down.
I started another thread on these ideas. Those of you who have bike gear for your children please come and see. I think it fits perfectly into this thread. http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...&threadid=8762 Thanks, TH
Karen, I am here with you... failure at the Keigel Mamapie, queen of Keigel, I guess you don't need the Keeper anymore do you? BTW I am still thinking of you with a smile on my face. You are in my prayers with this pregnancy.
tee, hee Yammer. You so funny. Before we had ds I asked dh to get one. Immediately after birthing ds, I DEMANDED dh to have one or we would never have sex again. Today, 8 months later, I let him come closer to me again, heck you never know what will happen!
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