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I really like this idea!  what plants will you use?
I felt this exact same way!  My DS1 had a first grade teacher that was just awful for him.  I was so scared DS2 would get her and he did :(  I was horrified, ready to homeschool.  DH convinced me to at least give it a try.  I did, but with the attitude, "you deal with her then".  He did.  He went to parent/teacher night, he did some of the volunteer activities with the class etc.  DS2 absolutely BLOSSOMED in her class.  I kid you not.  I couldn't believe it.  So if they...
I used the book "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" to teach each of my three boys to read.  http://www.amazon.com/Teach-Your-Child-Read-Lessons/dp/0671631985   It is a very systematic approach.  at your child's age, the first few lessons will be way too easy.  don't skip them, just do a few at a time.  they get much harder as you go but totally do-able.  my boys all did very well with this book.  we did it for about 15 min a night for about 3 months and...
i knit a really cool scarf for my mom.  I plan to get a yarn that compliments it for a hat and driving gloves.   i also did a really fluffy scarf for one niece.  I need to get more of that yarn to do one for her sister and to make them hats as well.   in nonchristmas news, I finished an awesome window treatment for my living room.  I hope to post some pics soon!
I can tell you what I do, but with the disclaimer that scrapbooking is my hobby.  Each of my kids gets their own first year album.  Everything after one year goes in the yearly family album.  They each also get their own birthday party album (But this is totally skip-able if you are not into it.  I just love birthdays and I love scrapbooking but if you don't I'd skip the party albums). You can put all the clippings in the same book but most people will tell you to...
Is he passed the Dear Dragon books?  Those are cute and my son loves reading them to us at bedtime.
I have this as well and did as a child also.  The hardest part as a kid was that my family made fun of me for it.  They thought I was just being dramatic.  They had no idea how much this bothered me and how much I WISHED I could just be normal.  The fact that he has an understanding mother is huge!!  That will make such a difference for him.   What I do now is play music during meals.  My kids know I have a problem (I'm sure to tell them it's my problem and not...
those look great!  I am going to try and work on my "presentation" more this time around.  
yup.  I think I might google and see If I can find images. I am best with visuals, lol.  I can copy just anything, but have a hard time coming up with my own stuff.    
can you post pics of decorated jars?  I made jellies as gifts last year but was stumped on the decorating part and mine didn't look so good :(  
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