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Thanks for the replies.  I think I will start using yogurt in my morning shake for the probiotics.  hopefully that will help.  I really love oatmeal, but if that is the problem, I might have to eat it only every other day.  I honestly don't usually get both eggs in.  I am so stuffed eating all this!  I will try some digestive enzymes. I picked up beano, which says it's a digestive enzyme, hopefully that will work?
In an effort to curb my sugar cravings I am following the 2 week jump start from Jackie Warner.  Basically you don't focus on taking anything out the first two weeks, you just add in the following: whey protein (I drink a shake with banana in the morning) 1 cup oatmeal (I have this for lunch and I soak it overnight with lemon in the water to make it easier to digest) 2 fruits 3 cups veggies 2 eggs 2-3 L of water   I have no sugar cravings at all (I'm on...
  That is great!!    My middle son is almost 8 yo and has been growing his hair out for a year now (he wants to look like a rock star).  He used to have a mohawk, but now wants it long.  I admit I am worried about how he will feel if people start to mistake him for a girl.  He has always been very pretty.  My OB actually said, within moments of his birth, "wow, he is all boy, but he sure is pretty!"  He has "delicate" features and long long lashes.  It turns out his hair...
joyfulheart- as you fill in your journal with idea on what to make, be sure to post them.  I want to craft, but am having crafters-block, lol.  So I'll be looking to steal ideas as we go!
I've made a few of these hats and she includes a pattern.  They are so cute:   http://iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com/2010/08/upcycled-boy-hats.html
hello again.  Figured I'b better rejoin this thread after a several month hiatus where I a uh, fell off the wagon a bit. DH REALLY wanted a car so we got a great used one from his BIL who works for Honda.  Very good car, very good price.  except we hadn't saved up for it.  So DH decided to put it on the home equitly line of credit that we have (and have been working so hard to pay down).  sigh. And here is our little dance.  DH says we should do it, I say no.  Then...
  You are so welcome!!  I'm glad it found it's way to someone that will actually take the time and energy to make it.  I cannot belive you are capable of getting it done by Christmas   way back when I did counted cross stitch it took me a full year to get one of those done!!  Good luck to you on it and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
*taken to goodwill
*taken to goodwill
I have finished the neelepoint part of all three christmas stockings that I was working on :)   I will try to get those sewn up into actual stocking on the wekeend of the 17th (long range planning, lol).   My 8 yo is learning how to needlepoint by making some cute coffee cozies in very  simple patterns.  I have a pic of the one he did for his dad.  He has made one for Nana, Nana's boyfriend, his bus driver, and his teacher too.  So cute.  I am going to fill them with...
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