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rere is that little pocket to put the soap in or just a way to hold onto the washcloth?
for those of you who have done the felted soap- can I use any old wool or is there a special wool I have to buy? I'm trying to do some stocking stuffer ideas for the boys but on a budget and don't want to go buy more than I have too. I have old 100% wool socks I could cut up and use. Would that work? i have never tried any kind of felting before...
Quote: Originally Posted by Toolip I was thinking about making something like this... http://www.hearthsong.com/Dodge-Tag_...102_C2201.html that looks really cool. If you make it, I'd like to know how hard/easy it was as it might be a great gift for my boys.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fyrestorm You might want to try heating them....http://faculty.ucc.edu/biology-ombre...ifer_cones.htm I am currently baking my pine cones! my house smells like burnt dirt I keep peeking at them and some of them are opening up!! Thanks for this tip, I had NO idea.
I took my ds on a pinecone hunt today so we could do the pinecone wax craft later on in the month. we found lots of skinny closed pinecones, but none of the short fat open ones. Is this a time of the year thing or a type of tree thing??
oh Juise, I"m going to try those wax pine cones! What a fun craft to do with the kids over winter break. Maybe even the glass painted ornaments too! everyone is getting me so inspired!
Quote: Originally Posted by OkiMom What I did yesterday: Capes FIL's snake tie FIL and BILs ties together I, also, cut out 5 of the journals, made 1 bean bag and started the first scarf. aha! very cute, I've never seen a snake tie before
Quote: Originally Posted by OkiMom I got the girls capes done this morning and did one of the snake ties. im working on the other one right now what is a snake tie?
Quote: Originally Posted by joyfulheart I make blueberry jam out of this book -- Blue Ribbon Preserves by Linda Amendt -- http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Ribbon-Pr...6850581&sr=8-1 You really don't need special equipment. I use two stock pots when I make jam. One for the jam itself and one to boil the jars in once I've packed them. Making jam is so rewarding. I love it. Enjoy! awesome, thank you!!
gonna jump into the thread (better late than never, right?) I am going to be making banana bread and blueberry jam for aunts/teachers/bus driver this year. The problem: I have never made jam or canned anything ever. I have been googling blueberry jam and am trying to locate the easiest, no fail recipe. if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!! It's the canning part that kind of freaks me out. I don't have any canning equipment. how important is that...
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