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I need to change my email address associated with my account. I can't find a link to get to my account info to make that change. thanks
we use a management company. We really didn't have much choice since we moved several states away. luckily the rent our tenants pay covers our mortgage plus the management fee. So far the company has done a great job for us. The real estate agent (who had been unable to sell our house for that one year it sat empty) recommended this management company to us.
wow MyTwoAs, that's a lot to consider. I think for me, I would do what I could to move. Getting a solid education is very important to me. One of my top priorities. And 35 kids in a first grade class is just terrible I think the best scenario would be to rent a place by your sister, and then rent out your current home. We never wanted to deal with tenets either, but that is the situation that we decided on. We moved 4 years ago and have not been able to sell our...
I have my kids do quiet time every day. As far as enforcing it, if you do TV at all you can always take that away for the day if they come out of quiet time. This sucks for mom the first few times, but if you work it into your day every day they get into the rhythm much much faster than you might think. But you do have to be consistent with it. I also found it helpful if I was doing something REALLY boring during that time so they were not keen to join me (I suggest at...
congratulations cymbeline
we're working on Christmas too! We have a pretty pared down gift list: our kids plus a little something for anyone we see on the actual day (plus if we are really on the ball an edible treat for teachers/bus driver). We do see two girl cousins and a couple of aunts/uncles on Christmas day so the boys and I are making some mosaic picture frames. I found little wooden frames on sale at walmart and bought the glass stones at the craft store. We made four and just have...
I'm here, still plugging away! mtm-can you move me back to BS2 as we are paying off our home equity loan right now. For three months we have not sent anything extra to the HEL because we were using that money to pay for a bulk order of organic meat. This is the last month for the meat payment, so next month we should be able to really hit the HEL again
I get this way when I am off my zoloft. For me it is a depression/anxiety issue. I cannot handle the additional stimulation of the noise/touch. It is a big part of why I am on medication- it helps me be the mother I want to be. Not saying you need meds, but you might need to look into depression/anxiety.
Quote: Originally Posted by blueridgewoman Honestly, jam canning just requires a big stockpot and some jars, maybe a canning funnel if you want to get "fancy." Just make the jam and while you're doing that, run the jars through the dishwasher on high heat (or sterilize if you have that option). Put the jam in the jars, put on the lids and the collars (the part that screws on), put in a stockpot full of warm water that covers the jars at least one...
Quote: Originally Posted by hollytheteacher just sent 500.00 extra to my student loan that's one heck of a snowball you've got going there!!
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