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thanks so much ladies!!
Thanks Donna! I have met Rebeca and Michelle so far, I have my first appmnt with her on monday I am really looking fwd to this birth!
Thanks for the info ladies!!! Off to make that list!
I just wanted to say thank you for reccomending Michelle @ H2H !! I had an interview with her Monday and I LOVE her already!
My mother offered to mail me some yardage for cloth diaper making and I was wondering what type of fabric to tell her is best? I have never made CD's before, and I have some skills in the sewing dept, but not alot, so I dont want her to buy very expensive fabrics for me to begin with, but I would like something that will hold up. I also need a notions list for her. Any help with this from you experienced mommas would be greatly appreciated!
Soo, I talked to my mom today and realized that I havent gone through a preg or birth without at least seeing my mom and sisters every few months and that isnt possible this time due to finances. I kinda feel like a loan ship at sea. I try to engage my partner in conversation about this preg and the birth, but it seems like I mostly talk at him because I really dont get alot of eye contact or conversation for that matter. Dont get me wrong he is a doll, and takes...
Thanks! I have been in Fl for about 7 yrs now. Its ok, I am a bit tired of the heat though.
It is good to see you here as well Craft Media!! Yes, it is quiet strange to be preg with my youngest 10 yrs ago! Its almost as if its the first, ya know? I dont have any of my baby things, and its amazing at how much I have forgotten, and remebered! LOL This should be a fun ride for us together!!
Quote: Originally Posted by majazama That's just redonkulous. I used to be ok with spending money that I didn't have on stuff like that, but I just can't justify that sort of price anymore. I TOTALY agree! I was a total HYENA with my last one, but that was ten years ago, different situation now. I want to cd, we need to cd, but I am not working and the father is having a hard time finding a job as well. At the moment he is doing yard work for...
Lol 30 is the new 20, isnt that the truth?! Thanks so much for all the warm welcomes, I can not tell you have much it helps to have some one out there that understands. I dont have any pg friends irl, all of my girlfriends either dont have children, or thier children are older. lilflower, UC stands for Unassisted Childbirth, as in a homebirth with no medical attendant;-)
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