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Quote: Originally Posted by RollerCoasterMama LOL! Ours just gets used as a stable mostly. Horses, unicorns, the odd dinosaur. The kitten enjoys it a great deal. *sigh* But one day, it becomes MY dollhouse. My evil plan. I really LOVE that dollhouse you made! I say, take it now for yourself and let the kid and kitten borrow it from you ;}
I am REALLY loving this one, but am using restraint as my husband will no longer allow me to flip dollhouses .
First, can I offer you many hugs? We just went through this and it was SO hard! I blogged about it a few months ago and if you read it, I hope that you know you aren't alone in your feelings about public school http://asmalltribe.blogspot.com/2010/03/education.html I had been so in love with Waldorf education and have practiced so many principles of it in our home, but the reality is that we can't afford it. We are fortunate to live in an area with really great...
I got these blocks on Etsy when my youngest son was born... both he and I love the texture of them and they were small enough for his little hands I didn't see any in the sellers shop, but I'm sure you could ask her
a friend of mine lives in a gorgeous straw baled home with other Waldorf artisans... the rounded curves are amazing, I want to move in!
My favorite is this one that was mama made, maybe your husband can do this? http://ourquietplace.blogspot.com/20...-blessing.html We have the Spiel & Holz (S&H) one, but I really wish that my husband or I had the talent or time to do the one above, it just feels more unique and special if made at home
I just posted some of the handmade ornaments I've been working on. I made some name ornaments with some wood slices and a wood burning tool from Michael's and a felted Wichtelman... You can see pics here
Sarah's Toy Box is usually a really great resource http://saras-toy-box.blogspot.com/
We have something very similar to it (just no bird at the top) The pieces don't move when the marbles go down, but with ours the petals are removable which is just a bit problematic for us since our boys are younger and tend to take things apart. Your son is probably old enough to actually enjoy taking the petals off and putting them back in order (or not, in order to experiment with the sound and movement ) If your son loves his Quadrilla set, I think I would...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zuzu822 According to Three Sisters and Urth Child, the Kinderkram stable is also pine. http://www.threesisterstoys.com/p-18...am-stable.aspx http://www.urthchild.com/kinderkram-...se-stable.html On that note, on my E&A stable the roof and doors are definitely a more sturdy wood than the walls and floors. Are there different "grades" of pine? You can see the difference in the picture a PP posted. We had the Holzkram...
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