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Well, I actually do believe home education is better, but I respect and honor the fact that every family has to make their own mindful choice about their children's education and it may very well be different than mine. Homeschooling allows my children to see learning as something that happens all the time, everywhere. Not just between certain hours, in a certain building and of certain months out of the year. It allows us to move through material at a pace that...
If you're interested in the technical aspects of art itself, we like Art Adventures at Home and have gotten good use out of it. As far as art history, that's usually intertwined with history history around here.
ok- so i just stumbled across this tonight and am flabbergasted that it is a 9 page thread! i've been wearing only skirts now since at least December and love it. i have been feeling pulled towards covering since then too, but not sure how and when to start. amazing (as many have already said) that so many other pagan women are feeling this at the same time! wearing skirts has not been about modesty for me (since i wear them with tank tops on occasion), but about...
this is the time of year where i evaluate how the previous year has gone and start making plans/gathering materials for the next year too. we go year round, so we don't really take the summer off, although we do slow down a bunch. our "school year" runs from august to july, so i'm starting to really flesh out our fall plan. i usually break our year into segments and do a min evaluation and adjustment at the end of each segment b/c i never know what pace DD1 is going to...
Here's the link to it's promotional website, if anyone wants to ask their librarian whether your system has access to it: http://www.ebscohost.com/novelist/
they have very narrow conservative politics and like the link Lillian listed, often try to mobilize homeschoolers to manipulate legislators in reference to bills that don't have much to do with homeschooling. however, i know a couple of folks who have liberal politics and are not even Christian who have asked for and recieved free legal support from them without being members. personally, i consider them a "last resort" sort of resource. if i was really up...
huh? that sounds interesting. where would i look for these chia seeds?
I'm not really a huge fan of them or their politics, but have you considered contacting HSLDA for some support and maybe a bit of a buffer between you and the authorities you're dealing with? You know, someone with initials after their last name too that could do some intimidating back on your behalf? Just a thought.
anyone ever made tapioca with almond or rice milk? we don't do soy. but just about any other grain or nut milk suggestion would be fine. can you just sub it in a milk based recipe? or does it change the recipe completely? TIA
We currently love the Penderwick sisters from The Penderwicks and The Penderwicks on Gardem Street. All gifted and all manifesting it in their own unique ways.
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