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Hi all, I have been out of the country for 6 years and it is my recollection that the trading post babywearing section was once quite active.  I'm curious what has happened, if people have gone elsewhere, is this just another symptom of an economy that has forgotten it is prosperous, what am I missing?   Thanks for any info, I sell new and used carriers, so this is especially relevant to me. Blessings
Gently used.  Comes with infant insert and hood.   price is plus shipping.   I need to sell right away so I will consider any offer plus shipping- should be fine in a flat rate package they have these days, right?   email helloSatNam@gmail.com for fastest reply and i have paypal :)
Beco Butterfly 2 in the Aiden print for sale.  I need to sell this right away so I will accept a reasonable offer plus shipping.  Comes with infant insert and hood.  They sell new for $140 plus the insert plus the hood, from what I've seen.   This one has been gently used, there is no wear at all that I can see after a thorough...
  i'm not sure i agree with this, i feel like she honored his feelings in that moment.  he wanted 'mommy' and he wanted to go 'bye bye'.  so she let him have mommy and let him go bye bye.  i think it may have been the healthiest thing for their relationship for her to do in that moment.  
We love Snatam Kaur's DVD (and CD), Shanti the mountaun yogi or adventure of shanti, can't remember.
I am still getting used to the new layout of mdc.  I feel like there used to be a really obvious spot where I could browse the possible choices of purchasing ability to post in wahmarket and having my signature be an ad, I'm completely missing it now.  Specifically I would LOVE to purchase a digital subscription along with my advertising signature, ability to post in wahm.  Thanks, I have a head cold so I don't doubt it's still somewhere obvious and I am just mssing it. ...
I'll be going with a woven wrap for our next.  Use like a moby from newborn until toddler.  I can still wear my toddler (almost 3) on my back in the rucksack carry.  Ellaroo is a popular brand.
Thanks ewe+lamb, that sounds doable. I have spoken with him about it, only recently does he seem receptive to it at all, usually he says he is going to nurse forever and a long day. I'll keep negotiating.
Hi Everyone, Most days especially when I am pms'ing I am feelng very over nursing my sweet son. We are down to about 3 times a day, wakeup (this is the one-time that is most often skipped), before nap and before bed. Also if he wakes up to go to the bathroom he will often ask for milk and has just a bit and then goes to sleep. I don't know anyone in real life who has nursed this long and feel I don't have anyone to ask advice or to help me with how often and when it's...
Don't be so sweet people want to eat you nor so bitter they want to spit you out. Open the lips, sink the ship.
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