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i started to ask for my own special parking spot.
Mr N is up to his tricks. His lips are turning blue when eating and now when exercizing. It has gone from a "hey....don't his lips look kind of blue?" to "holy crap! that kid's lips are BLUE!" sort of thing. DH is even acknowledging it and going "ZOMG!". He drops his saturations when he eats. When I try to get him to sit still for the pulse ox when playing, he recovers and gets pink again so they are normal when I check him. Any ideas? I am going to call the...
I hung a bunch of framed pictures and artwork and stuff I had mounted for DH a long time ago. A HUGE frame (the sucker is 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide) fell and almost hit Miss Z and shattered into a million little pieces. Thankfully she is OK and did not get hit. That could have been very, very bad. I asked her what happened, and she looked me in the eyes and said "It fell." She told me what happened appropriately!
i am waiting to have a good conversation with miss z. that is in the little by little camp.
it seems so long ago now. Miss Z started walking without any assistance around the 18 months and 2 years of age. Her gait was not stable (still is not) and the reason I am so hesitant is because for the longest time, she would only walk holding onto walls. It wasn't until around the Summer of 2006 that she could really get around without having to hold onto things.
it could happen. miss z's was discovered at the age of 3. she has a submucous cleft palate. i would consider getting her seen by a cleft palate team. they helped put us on the road to getting real answers to what is going on with her and her brother.
1 day. It is over (thank heavens). Today was a nightmare. I will post more later. Some stuff happened. But I do not want to discuss it until my head is clear, I know my options, and I can figure out what the next steps are.
Where do you make ADA violation complaints? I am asking about complaining about a doctor's office not being accessible: wheelchair issues and lack of handicapped parking spaces in a major medical building. The practice has 10 doctors and about 20 staff members. Anyone know where I would file a complaint about this in GA? I will explain what happened after action is resolved and I figure out what to do. Sorry to sound cryptic. I am tired from last night and still sick.
I have posted so many pictures of Z and N here that I wonder if I need to post more But here is their latest photo montage.
So I am getting the kids ready to go back to the doctor to get one of Miss Z's tests removed. (Long story but she is doing an ambulatory EEG). Well, we have the TV on the Disney Channel. A thing called "Feeling good with JoJo came on." The clown girl said "look what we can do with our body that feels good and comes in handy". I snorted on my cheerios. I know these writers know what they are writing. I could list out thousands more I have heard but I am pressed...
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