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Quote: Originally Posted by FreeThinkinMama "It's so easy for them to pronounce who exactly should and shouldn't have children, because their way is the RIGHT way. Can you just imagine what their DC will be like?" that is how you brought my child into this and insulted me in the process with your underhanded, passive aggressive, without naming names, finger pointing judgements. Completely hypocritical. Dayyyamn! Well, you've really got me...
err.... what? This has nothing to do with your child. Unless I'm missing something.
Dragonfly, I'm all about supporting people's emotions and feelings-- to a point. When someone posts something as thoughtful and empathetic as "I hate parents like that, they don't deserve children in the first place", I'm not about to give them applause. It's about giving support and "lifting up" all mothers, not just those on MDC. I cringe when I see a bash-fest start, and that's where this was going.
I can sympathize. Before DS, my job required me to travel a lot, and I would get off the plane literally bathed in sweat. It was terrifying for me until.. A doc friend suggested 10mg of Valium and a glass of Cognac. Not exactly natural, but it did wonders. Really took the edge off. When I had to fly after DS was born, it was different. I was so anxious about how he would do (great, btw) that I had a very different experience. That, and I was bf'ing, so no meds for mama.
Quote: Originally Posted by FreeThinkinMama there's no excuse for neglecting or abusing your children. So, do you *personally* know this mother? Are you prepared to condemn her for her actions with the amount of information you've been given?
There are these mothers I know. They like to vent about how horrible other mothers are for their actions when they don't even talk to those "others" to know what's going on in their lives. They cast judgement around like candy on Halloween, when I wish they would just *talk* with the "bad" mothers in question and see if there's a piece of the picture they're missing. It's so easy for them to pronounce who exactly should and shouldn't have children, because their way is the...
Please tell your friend a nation of firefighters mourns with her. I am on an e-mail list, along with thousands of other FF's, that notifies when one of our own has gone down. Here is a link to the article on a national website: http://cms.firehouse.com/content/art...Id=39&id=45615 I am sure your support is absolutely invaluable to her right now.
www.organicgiftshop.com They are great!
LTP, I am just stunned. I am so, so sorry for you, and so, so in awe of your grace, his beauty and peace, and the bravery of your family.
I get a mailing from a web site (firefighterclosecalls.com) that monitors FF injuries and deaths. (I'm a part time Paid Lieut.) This year, there are almost as many deaths from traffic fatalities as "attack" related. SO many are from people simply directing traffic. I live on an island, where even an immediate response can mean a 40 minute ambulance transit to get to scene. In summer, when the tourists are here, it gets ugly. I think they figure that there really ARE no...
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