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I'm so sorry.
I was thinking about you today - I am so glad that it went well.  What a relief!
I just found this thread, but I am interested in a bead swap - such a good idea!!
I take a vegan form by Deva - Omega-3 DHA.  I think I ordered it from Amazon and there is no nastiness with it at all.
Can you please update my due date to March 4th? Thanks!
I am so sorry for your loss
They just had a piece about this on the news last week - apparently what you eat while pregnant definitely impacts your baby's future taste buds.  They say that the more exotic you are with your eating, the more adventurous your baby will be.  I thought it was an interesting story - makes me think that there is hope that my veggie ways will influence baby more than my DH's eating habits:) Here is the...
I am so happy for you!!!! I was wondering about you yesterday and how you were doing - so glad that all is well with you and your little munchkin!!!!
I have never had an early U/S either.  With both I think I heard the heartbeat between 10-12 weeks - usually at my second appointment. I think they can hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks - maybe they would let you come in for a quick listen before you head on your vacation for peace of mind.
The dreams have begun here and every morning my husband has another story of what I have done in the middle of the night.  The other night, he came in the bedroom, I sat straight up and said, 'Oh, I didn't realize you were here! Did you bring the kids with you?' When he replied yes, I said,'oh good' and promptly went back to sleep on my pillow.  
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