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I've done it but I usually wait to flush until I'm off the phone. The flush is the big giveaway!
I think the best next step would be to talk to the parents. Of course, it seems that either the parents will react similarly to the older brother or be really passive but not do anything about it. It seems like a situation where the kids are obviously unhappy and have had to kind of raise themselves without much guidance nor boundaries on how to behave. Especially in how to behave around adults who are not being unreasonable(that would be you guys) Though, I think...
Hmm, AbiMommy. Maybe it is a more crucial warning for the video game system b/c it is most likely used/viewed on a frequent basis rather than the occasional 3D movie. Of course, just about every kid movie these days is in 3D. So, in addition to breaking the bank to see them, you risk eye damage
Quote: Originally Posted by Valérie.Qc The soil is roc, the vibrations travel very easily in this type of land. And yes, it's very unusual for us to have earthquakes that magnitude; most earthquakes are a 2 or a 3... Wow! How often do you have quakes?
Quote: Originally Posted by weezix actually i ended up staying up WAAAAAY past my bedtime and found some answers. the only one i haven't figured out yet is...when someone actually BUYS one of my things...how will i know? You will receive a notification by email from Etsy. If you are using paypal to receive payments, you will also get a payment notification from them when they pay. Also, you can check on your store, what you have listed, sold...
This is one of the reason's I appreciate living in a 'dry heat' climate. We use evaporative cooling, so having open windows is necessary for it to work properly. Now, when the monsoon rains come, that's when the cooler ceases to function well b/c of the humidity. My hair is curling up tight just thinking of humidity!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyflakes I live in WV. Some people on the same site as me claim they felt it, but I did not. Totally plausible. about 20-ish years ago there was an earthquake in Quebec and we felt it at my parents house in D.C. At first we thought it was a big truck rolling down the street. However, it was evening time on a very quiet street. My brother happened to be attending McGill at the time and called shortly after to...
I haven't counted my bobbins, but I've weighed them and I have a ton *ponders buying stock in a bobbin manufacturing company*
LaughingHyena-I've never done baked potatoes in the fire, yum. How long do they take to cook?
When I used to go on long back pack trips, we would take canned tuna. A little salt and pepper and crackers made for a yummy mid-day lunch. Also, if it's not too hot and you have a spot where you could keep them out of the sun, eggs are doable, too. Beans and tortillas are a staple camping food 'round these parts ;-)
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