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I've done tie-dye with little ones and big ones. It's fun! I suggest a kit from Dharma Trading. As for what do do in advance, I suggest mixing the dye and pre-soaking in the soda ash solution the shirts the night before. I know you were thinking of tieing the shirts the night before but it doesn't take much for the kids to do it themselves and they really love it. I usually let them tie them how the want, scrunched up or try to "guide" them with their ties.
There is also a banner-generator so you can create a simple shop banner until you can make/get a customized banner. http://community.etsy.com/resources/banner-generator
After you log-in click on the 'Your Etsy' link at the top of the page. About halfway down the left side-bar there is a section called Shop Set-up. Under this is a link to 'Appearance'. On the appearance page there is a place to upload your banner. HTH
And then the Pope's personal priest has the gaul to equate the outcry and anger over the sexual abuses to the persecution of the Jews. These guys holed up in their pontifical world are incredibly out of touch with reality! http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100402/...s_pope_abuse_4 Quote: VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Attacks on the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict over a sexual abuse scandal are comparable to "collective violence" against Jews, the pontiff's personal...
Did they notice a blue police box nearby?
To piggy-back on what Monarchgrrl heard on the news, it was also said that he was distracted by the news crew. Not really an excuse, he obviously should no better, but it gives a little more understanding of the scenario.
Hmmm...I have a bleach phobia and don't really use it much. I have never used it as a part of my 'creative process'. My one concern for you in your situation is that the amount of bleach and the time needed for the cover to sit in the solution will be harmful to the actual fiber. The other concern is if the bleaching will be splotchy, causing uneven dyeing. Is it possible to by a yard of similar fabric and do a test? If you do decide to go ahead with the bleaching,...
MMNN- Congrats on your first sale! Checking my Esty it appears that I had my first sale after a little over a week. Though, I had been selling for a while on EBay before that. You can also get yourself out there by blogging, setting up a FB FanPage, and a twitter account. I also advertise on Craftcult. I think a top scrolling ad for specific Easter products would be great right about now. You could also check out Project Wonderful for ad spots on blogs. Timothy Adam...
Hmmm... just realized that would have the pee coming out of your mouth. Eww!
Quote: Originally Posted by kyndmamaof4 Akk! Inquiring minds want to know. Where is the laugh till you pee smilie? Subbing too. I love a good mystery, too! oh, and I'm nosey As for a laugh 'til ya pee smiley, someone just needs to modify the spitdrink smiley to spew yellow
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