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Oh yeah, and what Abimommy said
As Arduinna mentioned, I too saw the heavy spin in the article. I would definitely like to find another article with a better 'global view' or less biased reporting. This is important to me, even though I am left-leaning politically and very non-theistic on the religion side of things. However, I have no doubt in my mind that the board relied heavily on their religious and political points of view. Though, how it will play out in the final revision and how much textbook...
We just started doing some needle felting. DD is actually sitting and felting a little heart as I type. I was inspired when I came across this video on YouTube. Yesterday we went to a local yarn store and got a little kit containing a foam pad, four needles, and an instruction booklet. We also got 5 ounces of roving(dif. colors). Spent $20 total. It's fun and my DD is addicted. Hopefully, she'll branch out from making hearts!
The first thing that popped into my head was "nipply". Seriously though, what's the difference between that and a mannequin? Well, besides that it's made of snow. (No, this is not a set-up for a bad joke )
Quote: Originally Posted by MadiMamacita my thing is people who ride their bikes over narrow pedestrian bridges. my brother is a bike mechanic and runs a bike shop and assures me that bike etiquette, if not actual rules, dictate that you should get off and walk your bike across such bridges. Most of the pedi/bike overpasses here have been designed to accommodate bikes, too. However, the pedestrian underpasses by the university are not. I...
I love the sound of a train in the distance, too. However, one of my most favorite sounds is the moaning sigh the dog makes when he is cozy and/or getting love from one of us.
Ooo... forgot to add that at the beginning of this past Fall semester the police set-up near the university and nabbed cyclists who ran stop signs and other violations.
The law is similar here in Arizona, too. Though cyclists don't have to adhere to a minimum speed law, I do believe they must giveway if there are a certain number of cars behind them. Just looking at some statutes around the State; in Tempe it is vague but it looks like if you are cycling on a roadway that has a bike lane you must use the bike lane. I wish the university would make it mandatory for students who ride their bikes to take some primer course on the laws. I...
Firstly, I am going to strongly 2nd Junipervt's advice on RIT. You can use fiber reactive dyes to dye your panties. You can get some at Dharma Trading . Also, many fine art supply stores carry the Jacquard brand of FR dye. Which is what Dharma uses but they create more colors by blending colors, but I digress. Most likely the lace on your panties will not dye unless it is made of a natural fiber. It may lightly stain but not get dark. Something else to think about is...
Links are not working for me. However, your ideas sound great. You could also get some coordinating flannel and turn the crib sheet into a small throw blanket.
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