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The best method to use would be a cold water dye method with fiber reactive dyes. SInce the fiber is cotton this is the best b/c of the ease of the process and the good results. RIT requires HIGH temps which could effect the structure of your purse, plus RIT gives crap results. Doubledutch is right on about color.
I use acetate film aka transparency film. I create my images in illustrator, print it out then cut with an xacto knife. I did a tutorial for it on my blog. The tute is actually done with a regular paper print under the film b/c the image was larger than what I could print onto the film but the concept is the same.
Don't know how many of you use Facebook for promotion but there is a new app to add your store to you personal or fan page. http://apps.facebook.com/myetsyapp/l...e_instructions It was super easy and quick to add.
My first suggestion, if you have not tried it yet, is to poke around the Etsy forums, Storque, and other community resources. Some of the basics are good product pics and descriptions. You also need to get your name out there via such things as blogging, Twitter and other social networking. Join an Etsy Team. There is an MDC selling team and probably one to fit the catagory of product you make. Good Luck!
Richard Dawkin's website has quite a few book suggestions(not just his) and there is also a forum that has some good info and can point you in the direction of more resources. This is to the books page.
Here is a link to a very helpful site(Paula Burch) about dyeing. If you scroll down on the page linked she gives basic mixes to get colors from the 3 primaries you have. http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/howtotiedye.shtml This is the pertinent text- "You can make all the colors you need by mixing lemon yellow, fuchsia, and turquoise. You should probably get black, too (I prefer Dharma's New Black), as it intensifies the other colors wonderfully by contrast, and it's...
Vermontmama--my 2 suggestions off the top of my head are to take pictures of your scarves on a model or a mannequin. It will help to see how beautiful your designs are. Also, you need to add shop policies for things like shipping and refunds etc. Good Luck! Kathy
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy notalwaysright.com might interest you! Thanks: I was about to go to bed but now I have to keep reading this site!
Sounds like a marital situation straight out of Pink Floyd's "The Wall". If you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding. She brow-beats him, he brow-beats others.
An America the Beautiful pass which gives access to all National Parks and federally regulated land(i.e. forest service parks etc.)
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