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About 12 years ago I was backpacking around England with some friends. One of the guys(my tent mate) had always talked about how he had been visited by aliens ever since he was little. Always kinda ignored his stories as he was slightly eccentric anyways. So one night we were camping in some woods in southern England. I remember having a dream about being asleep in the tent but being kind of awake but unable to move and there were shadows moving just outside the tent. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vancouver Mommy No, it's not going to air on any network. It is availabe only on DVD, which went on sale this week. Strange way to air a pilot. Or smart. Make a pilot. Sell it to BSG addicts. Look at the numbers from sales and reviews. Axe the project before you spend hundreds of thousands on making more shows or continue with production.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aquitane Any suggestions for a new TV obsession? LOST Sarah Conner Chronicles(though that one may get the axe) Spooks(British show)
Quote: Originally Posted by because I've been planning to dye some fitteds soon with Dharma stuff. Does anyone have an opinion on the residue that might be left on diapers and whether it would irritate or be dangerous for Baby long-term? If you are dyeing and rinsing properly there should be no residue. Fiber Reactive dyes become a part of the fiber on a molecular level so it is washfast and permanent. As for dyeing aides like urea or...
Quote: Originally Posted by because I'm thinking of doing diapers. So I'm lurking... Any other thoughts on this? Would washing a few times be sufficient? RIT is really not the best dye out there(I am being nice). For cotton and other natural fibers there are much better and cheaper options. Fiber Reactive dyes, whether you get Dylon Cold Water dyes or Procion MX type(what they sell at Dharma) are permanent and per ounce cheaper than...
Quote: Originally Posted by lorijds The book came first, then the movie. There is also a "junior novelization, movie tie-in" book, that must be somewhere between the book and the movie. There is also a story-book, tie-in version to the movie. Ah. Now I am annoyed with the lady at Borders. I would have much rather purchased the original book than the "junior novelization".
The police need to help and not blow this off. Go in with her and if they try to blow it off as young girls having a girlie spat bring up two recent cases...first the one case of the American student in Italy on trial for killing her roommate and the case here 2 years ago of Mia Henderson who was threatened and then killed by her roommate(in the dorm room) here at the University of Arizona. This needs to be taken seriously. Sorry to sound dramatic bringing up this cases...
Are we speaking of the original "short story" picture book or the chapter book adapted from the screenplay? We enjoyed both the chapter book and the movie. Mostly because the chapter book was a relatively easy read for my 7yo and reading it was motivation to get to see the movie. Though neither was terribly exciting. But a cute story and the animation was nice. I especially liked the rat world. Kind of reminded me of Mad Max Thunderdome.
I remember going to see Episode 4 when it came out in the theater. I must have been 4. It was a double feature too with Jungle Book.
Quote: Originally Posted by shelbean91 what are the thoughts on where the heck daniel is?? I think he is at the station that we first saw Desmond at punching the numbers in the computer.
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