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The door is on her site http://www.jkrowling.com You need to click on the black hairband that is lying on the center of the desk. It is the portkey to the room with the door. Hmmm...interesting. Kathy
ThreeSisters carries play kitchens. She is an MDC momma too. Kathy
I wouldn't think you would necessarily have to unwind it. However, not unwinding might cause some uneven dyeing that might make the yarn look varigated. But if you manipulated the skein at various points during the dye process, that might eliminate any uneven dyeing. Anybody else? Kathy
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyWulf Fashionable? to loose your kids? I guess i am lost here but why would it be fashionable???? This is just a guess(though a fairly thought out one) but I think more states are giving more weight to fathers rights, which isn't in and of itself necessarily a bad thing. However, I think parenting practices like AP are being twisted to look neglectful or substandard. I don't know how many of these cases turn into...
I give another vote for diatomaceous earth. I have used at along entry ways(back and front door) and it has kept ants out. Mind you I have not had big problems with ants in the house, but every spring/summer I have had an minor isue with them discovering the inside of the house. After I put the stuff along the entry ways, problem solved. Kathy
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisadeanne I bought some from Dharma and actually used it for my first batch. I read the directions quickly and washed and rinsed etc. Upon reading the bottle more carefully I saw that it is really toxic. The bottle says to wear goggles and a face mask! YIKES!! I didnt when I used it, I just tossed some in carefully into the wash. Then washed my hands. Does it really make that big of a difference, or can I get away...
You don't come up on a search for cloth diapers. You might want to add that to your title so your auctions will come up in the broader search. You could also jazz up your auction description. All you really need to do is maybe make the text a little bigger and change the font or color. Good Luck! Kathy
What made me shake my head was one of the women the interviewed who had the TR done and then had hair fall out, continued to get the procedure again! She said she can cover up the bald patches, so no prob. O.K. IMO if this stuff is making your hair fall out ummm...it might not be the best thing for ya. I have way curly thick hair and love it. It is nice to straighten it at times but I don't think I could do anything that drastic. Another part they had 3 women they...
You can redye it one of two ways. 1-You could overdye it, but the draw back of this is that the camo colors will effect the end result(probably end up black or dark brown) 2-Another possibilty would be to bleach it. Your PF won't come out white but it would probably be light enough so you could dye it without to much influence of the previous colors. Just remember, if you bleach it, make sure it is rinsed super good afterwards, you don't want the bleach to ruin your...
Here is a great link about making felt balls (check out the rest of the site too, cool stuff ) http://gfwsheep.com/feltballs/feltballs1.html As far as getting wool batting or roving...I have gotten undyed batting from sites that sell waldorf dolls and doll making kits. Another great source is ebay. Lots of options, even roving that is already dyed so you can make some colorful balls. Kathy
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