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 I have not gotten it yet. There was an issue at the last minute where a different nurse decided my weight was too high. I went through 2 weeks of hell trying to slim off some weight and make my tummy look better. I talked to the original lady today and showed her pics of my belly and she said I was fine. Now I can pay and schedule but I have cold feet. Not because of surgery, but because I have to make sure I have hotel and travel money in time for it. I am kind of scared...
Unless you signed something and didn't know what you were signing that doctor is in law suit city!     It sounds like you might have a hard case to put back together but there are good surgeons who can do it. I am using NCCRM, their price is reasonable and they have a reputation as being good at what they do. 
 Ouch, that sounds very uncomfortable. The surgeon I am using does not use the laproscopic method and I might be glad he doesn't! At least with the small incision near my c-section scar I will know what to expect!     Heal quick :) 
 Best wishes for a successful surgery and fast recovery so you can get to BDing ASAP. I am turning 37 on Monday....I can't wait much longer either....literally! And gosh 2 cycles, that is just too longggggggg. Ugh! 
 I ovulate around the full moon and bleed with the new moon. Makes things easy to keep track of. 
 Does anyone have any suggestions or resources? I am just researching before I have my tubal reversal and getting pretty discouraged. I had c/s, vbac, c/s, c/s. If I have my reversal and get pregnant I would really rather not have a c/s unless there is another weird emergency like my 1st and 3rd births. I am not keen on home birthing being 30 minutes from a hospital in good weather. It seems like no one will "allow" a vbac after more than 2 c/s in a hospital. And from what...
 Hi there. I don't have a little one or know of a midwife but I am a "neighbor" in Albany, VT :) 
 Did you have it done yet? How are you feeling? 
 Bless 3rd Time, that is where I am planning on going for mine. I have been accepted for surgery there. I just need to come up with the money and travel funds and we will be on our way. I have my fingers crossed for this spring. If or should I say WHEN it happens I will be sure to post someplace on these boards :) 
 My story is much like the OP. I had four children. My former husband and my OBGYN convinced me to have a tubal with my fourth. I immediately regretted it. I have suffered from tubal ligation syndrome symptoms since I had it done which adds insult to injury.     I found myself divorced and remarried to a man 8 years younger than myself. He has never been married and has no children of his own. I want to share that joy with him, Plus I never really felt like I was done...
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