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Thank you farmerfemme!!
Quote: Originally Posted by FarmerFemme We wrote a clause into our donor agreement that goes beyond his relinquishment of parental rights and said that no one could act on his behalf, including family, to persue any legal standing with DD or a relationship we are not comfortable with. I can dig out the specific wording if anyone wants it. At the end of the day, I trust my KD. And I trust his family. My daughter came into the world in an untraditional...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kelmendi I'm in Dartmouth! awesome!
Carmen, if you and your partner are both on the birth certificate, how is it that you still need to adopt? All the legalities are getting me so confused! Kelmendi, it is exciting to see another Nova Scotian! Where are you in NS? I'm near Windsor and about 1 hr from Halifax. Lex, I like your "more love is more love". It is still early in our conversations with our donor and we have a lot to discuss and think with him and his partner, but from what we have talked...
gumshoe, I definitely need to check on the nitty gritty of the legislation, thank you for pointing that out. I know there has been some changes in the law here that have allowed two moms to be on the birth certificate at birth (there was a case publiziced in the media) but I don't actually know all the specifics.
Thank you so much guys for all the information and ideas you have shared. It is a little scary to have those unknown factors that are not entirely in our control. I'm in Nova Scotia, and my understanding is that both my partner and I will be able to be in the baby's birth certificate from the start, so that is a relief. Also, it doesn't seem likely that in Canada, at this point, a court would discriminate against lesbian parents to the point of giving custody to the...
I am delurking myself after years of reading and sporadically posting here. Finally circumstances and timing are such that my partner and I are going to try to concieve using my body. I am so so excited! ...and terrified that it wont work and that it will work, both at the same time. My partner and I have recently approached a friend of ours about becoming our donor and he and his partner are into it and excited about it! It's such a wonderful feeling So, onto my...
I thought I would chime in to suggest in idea for the milk kefir that you are not enjoying. I also don't really like milk kefir on its own but I LOVE it in smoothies. Have you tried it that way? I have made all kinds of smoothies with it: -strawberry banana - blueberry banana -Mango banana -mango pineapple and my new favourite: Peach banana! I also sometiemes add some raw spinach to the orange/yellow smoothies: Green smoothie!
Quote: Originally Posted by cwat Mysticpi, I made your deoderant (with olive oil & cocoa butter) and it works Great!!!!!!! Thank you That is awesome!
Have you thought of making ginger beer? You can make other non gingery fermented sodas in a similar way check out: http://www.learningherbs.com/soda_recipe.html
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