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I can sort of understand why these games carry appeal to a 12 yr old, a huge component is the social access it gives a young tween/teen where peer acceptance is at such a peak.   However, I am genuinely puzzled about the benefits of this game for the 4/5 to 8/10 yr set. Kids can do some amazing building projects in real life where the brain engages with touch, texture and other vital senses involved in the process. Have any long term studies been conducted, especially on...
Thank you for your replies. So far its not been smooth sailing along side the other mom whom I am supposed to be working together with. Not particularly cooperative. Simultaneously, my son is just not connecting with the teacher, request for class observation was not allowed....a not sure if it is worth it continue as parent representative.
So, I tried to set up an appointment for the observation and got fobbed off. Reason- due to student confidentiality concerns they don't allow parents in the classroom while in session! Is a school allowed to do that even if they are a private school? I am not feeling good about it all.
I am completely new to the 'volunteering at school arena' and was hoping to get some information from experienced moms. We are actually elected to be class representatives for the bigger Parents Association. While I have some idea of what my responsibilities are, it would be helpful to have some moms share their experiences as class reps. Thanks!
Mom of 1st grader here with a question (i just read "first year" in the subject line but did not notice the words "middle school"!).   How does the friendship scene typically look like in the elementary grade? My interest was piqued by what Identitycrisismama had to say about breaking into the friendship scene in 4th grade. Hope you all don't mind the diversion- I'll read what you all have to say and then the discussion can go back to the original theme. Thanks!
Thank you all for your helpful replies, I appreciate them! I am going to schedule an observation soon and meanwhile also thinking about volunteering to become a parent representative for the class. I sense that the school seems overall more focused on developing independence in children but that should not come at the cost of listening and making the child feel heard. I might have felt differently if it were a public school but given the small class size and the fact that...
I don't know what is going on with this child to cause such behavior, but it is certainly obvious that YOUR children are stressed out and uncomfortable in this weird dynamic, not to mention this is hardly the sort of influence/friendship I would think is positive for them. please don't let this continue any longer, it has gone on too long as it were. time for new friends.
This morning he was reluctant to go in, because he feels he will make a mistake and the teacher will get angry.   School's response to my observation request also met with an odd response. They said observations are usually scheduled for a couple of parents together, she is not sure about an individual parent coming in to watch. Waiting to hear back on the observation scheduling.  
Thank you for the ideas, I will schedule an observation to get an idea of what is going on in the class. Since this is a private school, I am not sure if they have opportunities for parents to volunteer in class.   There was a 'meet and greet' event to introduce the children and parents to the class teacher a couple days before school started. But, I haven't received any communication since- nor a newsletter nor a teacher's email.   There was also an incident...
My son just started 1st grade a week ago. He was previously in a Montessori program for 3 years and now in a regular (private school) setting. So, he is used to a more orderly, structured day within which children are given autonomy to choose their work and also receive direct instruction from the teachers as needed. Most of the teachers were quite approachable, I received updates every month about what they were learning, communication was pretty good overall.   In...
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