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Hey there mamas! It seems like just yesterday that I started this thread, which turned into a pretty awesome series of threads that helped me shed about 60lbs after my last pregnancy. And here I am again, 3 and a half years later, and I need your support again! I really could not have done it without the amazing few mamas that I met on my journey and I'm really looking forward (wellllll sort of) to the experience again! FORTUNATELY this go around I started my pregnancy at...
So.. is there a current version of my favorite thread ever? Because I'm back and I NEED IT! :)
well hello there mamas! im amanda, im due at the veryyyy end of august, so ive been hanging out in the august ddc, and ill likely deliver in august too because ive yet to be pregnant past 38 weeks. but in a group setting like this, it drives me freaking crazy reading all the 14,15,16,17 week updates and only being 13 weeks. plus im impatient! so i figured id come here and see if being the first in the group felt better than being last! hope thats okay. anyway, im looking...
Yes i was!! Katherine was born 3/26/08 I also had a little boy in march 2010.. Can't believe he's almost three!! Time for a new baby i guess! Got a positive on a digital test this afternoon, so i guess its official. The birth center won't see me till 10 weeks so I've got a bit before i see my Midwife.
Aug 27
Hello! I'm amanda.. Cautiously checking in since af isnt due till tomorrow, but i got this bfp this morning. Looking forward to being sick of you guys in 9 months. Fingers crossed. Due August 27th so im right at the end, but I've never been pregnant past 38.weeks before. I'm still in major denial as I've also NEVER had a positive test before my period is due! I took.4 tests this past weekend that i tried to convince myself were evaps.. Thus kine showed up right away, so...
yes update my stats. it will give me even more motivation to get it OFFFFFF again!!
Oh I cannot even tell you how glad I am that this thread still exists. I AM BACK! And I need to be back! After a few fun and over indulgant vacations this summer, I decided to see what the damage was.. and I am up to 142lbs. So yeah, Working on getting these last 12lbs off once and for all! And I think once I do it this time (because I can and I will!) I will stick with a maintainence plan instead of just winging it last time. These past few months I have only been...
I'm still here. :)
StellaNuova- The paragard hasn't bothered me at all. No problems whatsoever, and its been in for a year. :)   Thanks for the new thread PacificBliss! WTG on your loss!! I am so proud of you! Have you been doing anything different? I am hoping that by this time next month I will be at my goal, though we are heading to NYC in 2 weeks, and you CANNOT diet while in NYC!
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