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Absolutely. I just keep thinking back to why the physician specifically said to keep giving my son soy milk. She never mentioned supplements. Do physicians think it's more difficult to give kids chewable vitamins? Weird. I don't feel that giving a child a vitamin is much different than feeding him soy milk that has added vitamins. 
I checked the almond milk and B12 is not added, so there is a difference btwn soy and other milks. You really gotta check the labels.
Yea, i should check the B12 and D in the almond milk. If it is about the same as the soy, I am not gonna worry.
The almond milk we are buying only has 1 gram of protein per serving, much less than soy milk. That's why I posted. Just wondering what others have heard from their peds.
Hi! I have a 5-yr old son, and we are transitioning off of most soy products. I was wondering if anyone's pediatrician has suggested giving fortified soy milk to their child. Mine has! I think the reason was the amount of protein in the soy milk, or perhaps it was the calcium. (I can't remember!)  I want to stop buying soy milk for the family, but am wondering if I should still feed our son the fortified soy milk. Yes, we eat well - lots of green leafies, tofu, and nuts...
"Wugga-bugga" for woodpecker. Ahh, those were the days...    And my friend's daughter says "pooter" for computer. "Mama, need pooter?" Too cute!
Thank you! I am going to try the sea sponge tampons with the cloth pads. And when my relatives go back home and I have a little time to myself, I'm going to try to see how the OB tampon absorbs moisture by dripping colored water on it. What a great idea. I'm a flippin' scientist, and I didn't think of that. Duh!    I will also ask my OB/GYN about POP. I asked my husband what he's experienced in terms of where my cervix is, and he said it moved around. I read on the...
Wow. Recon mission complete. I have been totally going in too far.... if I'm thinking that the cervix is where I think I feel it is. And my cervix is right there. I mean RIGHT THERE really close to the vaginal opening, like the length of an OB tampon. (Am I a freak? ) In WebMD images, they show the cervix waaaaay up there: http://women.webmd.com/picture-of-the-vagina   How can anyone position the tampon in the correct place (center of the cervix - external os)?  I...
Hi everyone! OP here. Okay, to answer questions, I use OB. I have the biggest size and I *think* I have a heavy flow on Day 2 and Day 3 of my periods. I don't mind pads much of the time except when my son wants to swim or I exercise. I trail run and pads get bunched up. And for obvious reasons, swimming is not an option with pads. I put in a tampon yesterday and I didn't insert it as high as I used to. It seems like I barely put it in, but it wasn't uncomfortable and it...
I have been trying the tampon thing again today. I do not give up that easy! First attempt was the same ol' same ol'. But after reading some of the replies here, this last attempt i tried not to insert it so deep. I usually go for a finger length, but held back this time. Jury is still out. I will know in a couple hrs.
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