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I am. I have a 15 month old, and I thought it would rectify itself over time. Nope. When I jog, it's awful. AWFUL! Don't know what else to do, besides my kegels... and complain, of course.
Another thread prompted this one. I am wondering if we can absorb B12 from any plants, esp. nutritional yeast. I read somethings online that lead me to believe that we can't... that B12 is not bio-available to humans from plants. Comments? Links to articles? Please educate me! Edit: So then, if B12 is not bio-avail from plant sources, where does the B12 supplement come from, or even the B12 in soy milk, hemp milk, etc.?
Yes to all the replies above. Tillamook is pretty much animal rennet free, though my rule of thumb is to avoid all white cheddar. Seems white cheddar has animal rennet a lot of the time. And Trader Joe's is awesome. Lots of non-animal rennet cheese there. : And less expensive than grocery stores and Whole Foods.
Thanks! That seems the easiest route. Forget trying to figure out this apple sauce thing!!! :
We have Ener-G egg replacer, but I didn't know if it would work in cake mix.
I am making a Duncan Hines cake and need to substitute the three large eggs it calls for with apple sauce. How much do I use? And do I increase the baking time at all? (Any other tried and true vegan substitutions for eggs?) Edit: I just pulled out my first batch of cupcakes, and they are barely baked. I baked it for 24 minutes (22 is max on the box). VERY moist. Too moist, in fact. And I used 6 TBLS applesauce. I did not decrease the oil or water at all either....
Quote: Originally Posted by star792 that article was written by sally fallon who hates soy and wrote nourishing traditions which has lots of anti soy info in the book as well. i would keep looking into it if I was you but i really don't agree with all of what she says. i would stay away from processed soy and not overdo it with milk. almond milk is really good. i wouldn't lose sleep over some soy consumption though. we drink silk all the time and eat...
Looks like mommas gave you a lot of good info. I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to pass on something I saw. I saw on the news recently that the cheaper allergy tests (i.e., blood tests) may not be as accurate as the skin prick test. Which did your child do? Here's the article from the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/03/health/03well.html Just thought I'd pass it along. Hugs!
OMG! You guys are awesome! Those are some great ideas : I LOVE them I feel so-o-o-o much better now (relieved really). Thank you thank you thank you
I like Choc Silk, but it's not as sugary as I usually like my choc milk. Dh made me hot chocolate with plain Silk soy milk, with cocoa powder & sugar. Dee-lish! I couldn't finish it one night and ended up putting my cup in the refrigerator. The next day, I tasted it cold, and YUMMY Chocolate Milk was coating my tongue. I think chocolate Silk soy milk is the same price as the plain and vanilla versions, so there's no money saved in making it yourself at home. Just in case...
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