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Thank you! I will try those. Maybe the narrow crotch is why they changed the KNDs to the new style? Anyway it is worth a try with new inserts as they are unusable as is! Any other suggestions welcome!
No the fleece is not repelling one bit - that's the first thing I checked. They are so narrow that I don't think there's room for a doubler but it's worth a try, right? Any other ideas welcome! TIA!
Thank you for your replies mamas! The only other inserts we have are cotton babies and fbs, which are both too thick. Old style knds are indeed very narrow in the crotch. I have also thought of this because the inserts are indeed pushed up to the edges in the thighs. So, next question: what inserts should I use with my KNDs?! TIA!!
We love the Knickernappies. They fit great and are so cute. We use them with Loopy-Dos. They are a few months old. 1G. We've taken great care of them. But they leak!!! From the inside of the thighs, then it wicks onto the clothes. We don't remember this happening with our FBs (previous size). It doesn't happen with our GADs - with the exact same inserts. It doesn't happen with any of our prefolds or fitteds with all our various wraps and covers. What...
A backpack. It's not very attractive but that's all I can use comfortably (with wrap or ergo).
Quote: Originally Posted by RomanGoddess It seems to be the most commonly available co-sleeper in Europe. Has anyone tried it? Any recommendations? We just got an ikea crib, took off one side and attached it to my side of the bed. HTH!
LOVE the sheets and towels one. That is my next step. Our last step was furniture - 2 armchairs, the tv cabinet, a bookshelf with a few drawers, and the buffet by the front door. LOVING IT.
I also just am giving stuff away. Whenever I try to sell anything it is just a huge hassle. People (including me!) expect to pay next to nothing at yard sales, so you really have to have tons of stuff to make it worth your time. In our small apartment we cannot stock enough stuff to make a yard sale worth it. Plus then I can feel good about other people being able to get some use out of the stuff...
I hear you! We have this same problem. We are giving away the things that we used very little, however much we find them cute, or loved the idea of them: the crib (we co-sleep and this was pretty useless), the Johnny Jump Up, the Bumbo, clothes he never wore or under 5 times, the baby bathrobe... We are keeping clothes he wore at least 5 times, the bouncy chair, the car seat, the carriers, the diapers & covers we loved... I feel good about passing things along for...
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