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When I lived in the USA I was a member for almost 4 years. I LOVED it, but I think you get out of it what you put into it. So if you get involved it can be great. If you sit back and passively expect to be entertained...well, it's not as good an experience.
"And he was never uncomfortable again"?More likely he never brought it up again because he didn't get listened to the first time.
There is a cost to moving. And since church and DH's work are close...I would have to really run the numbers. I did live in a bad area, but I did it for 3 years so the cost of moving, etc was outweighed by the savings.
I like cake AND pie.
My older son asked to nurse after the baby was born. I let him. By that point nursing, to him, meant putting his mouth on my breast for a minute. He was happy with it. So your daughter may ask...you need to determine how you want to respond. Yes...No...either works, but you need to develop your script.
Little Bear TV show is good. Little Bear movie has some scary stuff.
Good luck!
And 2012, despite John Cusack, was a terrible movie. So there.
I never offered food or drink because our appointments were right after lunch. She did, however, ask if she could use the restroom. Since she drove all day from appt to appt, she didn't have a bathroom to use regularly. She normally had to stop at a gas station or whatever so our bathroom was the one "nice" one she got to use.
New Posts  All Forums: