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How, exciting!  Good luck  And wonderful that you were able to find a sage femme who would attend home births!  I hope they start to gain in popularity, but who knows?
Yes, this. BCG was never mentioned to me at all.  It is listed in the vaccine schedule we were given, but is only suggested for high risk families.  IME no-one seems to be too concerned if you want to delay or skip vaccines - the only problem would be when/if you wanted to enroll your child in school.
  This was what I found to be rude.  Perhaps I misunderstood, but this comment is not "merely factual".
I just wanted to update on here. Our baby boy arrived on the 22nd May - we had a lovely UC and took him to hospital a few hours later to be checked over.  There were a few raised eyebrows, but no problems at all, and we were allowed home the same day once baby had been seen by the ped and I had signed a waiver declining hospitalisation. As he was born at home, we had to register him at our local mairie - he was the first baby born in our commune since 1964!  Pretty...
Wow, you are rude. The vaccinations mentioned are mandatory FOR ATTENDANCE AT SCHOOL.  That is all.  No huge conspiracy, even if some of us don't love that particular policy.
We were going to take the baby for his newborn check at the hospital (it was a "oops, it was all so fast" arrangement).  As it happened, my placenta wouldn't come, so we were there anyway for that.  I would love to experience PP with no stitches!   From the research I did, it seems that all fours or side lying are easier on the perineum, also birthing in water.  I think a full squat increased the risk slightly, maybe because the baby can come faster like mine did?  I...
Yep.  I had a 4th degree tear with my first (vacuum delivery) and a lateral episiotomy with my 2nd (forceps delivery, I had bad luck!). For my UC I birthed on hands and knees and tore into the original scar on my perineum (into the muscle).  I suspect if I could have slowed him down a little the tear would not have been as bad.  I wasn't really expecting his head with that contraction, but it shot right down and out with one push.  If I had realised I might have tried...
Hi  :) I hope you can convince your husband - in fact I am sure you will!  My DH had the usual concerns about safety that we all have at first - those are easily remedied by a little research.  It sounds like your DH is more concerned with the practicalities.  Can you have someone else there to manage the other kids?  My Mum came to stay, and even though I can't imagine anything worse than having her in the room while I was laboring, it all went perfectly.  The boys...
Before, we just didn't tell anyone. Afterwards, well, I just don't enter into a discussion on it.  If it someone I know will have a strong opinion I usually stick with our "it all happened so fast" back story. I honestly can't be bothered to debate it with people, unless they have done their research on UC.  Which they haven't unless they are pro-UC anyway.
What a beautiful story and video - congratulations!   The same thing happened with my placenta, those awful contractions right when you should be chilling out - ugh!
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