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cileag - that is funny - if we were having a girl she was going to be Phoebe! That would have been so much easier
Quote: Originally Posted by FloridaBorn My husband wants to name our child (whose sex we don't even know yet! I'm 8 weeks) "Awesome Dude." OMG, I think we may be married to the same man LOL Thank you ladies - there are quite a few names that I had on our shortlist on some of yours too! Keep em coming, I appreciate it
I am getting desperate None of the names on our shortlist are really speaking to me, and I feel like I am missing something great that I haven't thought of yet. We are looking for an uncommon name, but one that is easy to pronounce. DS's name is Soren, others that I have considered are: Oskar Maxim Dexter Felix Calvin Milo Any suggestions would be awesomeor this kid could be nameless for a while. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by The4OfUs We started with DH in the room but me still doing bedtime for a week, then DH doing bedtime but me still in the room for a week, then DH doing it with me not in the room for a week...then we would switch off, so he was used to either one of us doing it. That sounds like a good plan! I think I might also start trying to sit in bed with him rather than being too squished together.
I gained 50 last time, and had lost 60 by the time he was a year. This time I think I am on my way to 60lb. It sucks, but I really don't care to do too much about it. I am hungry, I need to eat, I will make lots of milk and a big fat baby I am trying to just accept that this is the way it is for me.
milansmommy - I can't tell you how much I love hearing stories like yours I have found some pretty interesting research studies, I will share them later in case anyone else needs them!
Ladies - can anyone help me in a hurry? My MW is throwing a hissy fit about my homebirth after 4th degree tear last time. She wants me to have my scar looked at by an OB TOMORROW Can anyone suggest some info I can print off to support my case that I am not a huge risk for repeat 4th degree like she thinks I am? I am particularly interested in the research someone mentioned a few pages back which suggested no greater risk in the 2nd birth... Thanks!
DS is almost 2.5 and I always lie down and cuddle him to sleep (on his own mattress next to mine now). This seemed like the logical progression from nursing to sleep and it works well for us. My question is: if you did this with your toddler, when/how did they eventually start going to sleep on their own or with you sitting nearby? I am not about to quit cuddling him now, but I am slightly worried what will happen when the new baby comes, as it often takes him 30-40...
I only got a couple of tiny white stretch marks with DS, but this time they appearing like crazy, and they are purple Great. I think this LO is having a growth spurt and my belly HURTS! I can feel the muscles pulling apart where they are already separated from last time and my skin feels so tight and sensitive. I don't know how it can keep growing for another 2 months.
Quote: Originally Posted by Astraia So do you think that thinking positively about birth-related stuff will make for an easy birth? Or should I be seriously considering all the possible "bad stuff" that could happen? This was me last time. I really concentrated on the positive thinking thing, to the exclusion of everything else. It didn't serve me well at all, and when things didn't go as I had hoped I had no way of coping. I was naive and...
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