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Remember that you don't always get a true representation from reading forums (fora? LOL) - most people are posting on there because they have a problem, those who have great sleep probably don't frequent this forum as much... I can honestly say I haven't been too sleep deprived - I think it would be a lot worse if I had to get up with him (he doesn't STTN but I don't think he wakes because of being in bed with me)
Quote: Originally Posted by amitymama I've had two gynos -- one male, one female. The female was rough, distant and cold. The male was gentle, compassionate and professional. That's interesting, someone on another forum I visit ran a poll on this, and most people seemed to rate their female OBs as more heavy handed, impatient, and pushy than their male counterparts... I find that really sad. I also find it odd that male OBGYNs are the...
Thanks so much ladies! It's good to know that the scar tissue can bear up! : alegna - yes I was on my back. Lets just say that it didn't really go the way I had hoped (no-one elses fault but mine really...) I'm pretty sure that by then his arm was already in the ludicrous position it came out in though. Ouch.
I was unlucky enough to have a fourth degree tear with DS (his hand tore through from the inside, then took everything out with it as he was born) I was pretty gutted about it as I had been so diligent about my perineal stretching, and his head was out without a single stitch being required - but hey ho.... He was born in hospital, and I was taken to the OR and stitched up properly by a surgeon - I think it is thanks to this that I have had no problems with continence or...
Hi All, I'm new here with a question. DS is 4 months old, and we would love to TTC again before he is a year old. I would like to BF him until he is 2 and would be very upset if I had to wean him before around 18 months - so what are my chances of continuing to BF successfully if I fell pregnant? I was thinking of leaving it all up to nature, but perhaps it would be safer to prevent pregnancy until closer to 18 months? (Of course this will all be pure theory if my...
I REALLY wish I had taken the advice to REST! I was so annoyed by my stalling labour that I didn't rest at all, and boy did I pay for it:
This sounds so similar to my little boy (3 1/2 months) I was considering sewing some poppers onto the ends of his sleeves so I could popper them to the front of his jammies I'm not sure how that would work with a baby who can roll over though!
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